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    Ferrara Rearmounts

    The 1999-2002 Seagrave Rearmounts were a good batch of trucks from what I heard. They were reliable and didn't have much down time. The earliest Ferrara's were terrible.
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    10/13/21 Staten Island Water Rescue/Trauma Box 1212

    Honestly surprised this went to SIUH Ocean Breeze and not to RUMC... thought RUMC is closest level 1 to M9 quarters
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    New Rearmount order

    55 units likely means the only ones left with Ferrara would be the companies with the 2017s. Few that come to mine are 2, 82, 83, 167. The 10 remaining 2011s (Superstorm Sandy damaged a few as well as a few lemons) will be overdue for replacement. Think 4, 24, 29, 81, 137, 169 all had 2011s...
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    Squad Support Truck

    They were the only hazmat engine to have a rescue style engine.
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    NY Daily News Today-9/23/21

    The five boroughs are grossly understaffed when it comes to hospital beds. We saw this highlighted during COVID but sad to say this happens all the time. Staten Island has a total of around 1100 hospital beds for a population of 475,000 or 2.3 per 1,000. The national average is around 2.9 per...
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    Squad Support Truck

    Correct. Saw them today in their dedicated spare. Is R5 still OOS from the accident or did something break on it? As for the original post... this definitely is for S8... sad thing is they are likely always going to be off cycle with the rest of the squads now when it comes to getting new...
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    Engine 313

    FDNY engine 313 lives near Great Neck just off Northern Blvd.
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    San Gennaro Festival 2021

    What's the minimal stocking for the reserve engines. Always thought they were fully equipped like a front line rig. Seems like that is not the case. Missing ground ladders and varied lengths of hose in the hose beds. Interesting to see all three reserve engines were hooked up to hydrants as well.
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    9/22/2021 Staten Island Mutual Aid Newark NJ

    Marine 9 to assist with providing the water for the Neptune system. Supposedly there is close to 4 miles of supply hose on the ground. Would be a good test for that new Ferrara rig... just saying
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    New Seagraves

    Hopefully less than one day :D
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    9/18/21 Brooklyn Water Rescue Box 3522

    Busy day for those engines and ladders. Had the second alarm earlier in the day. This definitely explains the low flying NYPD chopper I saw from the belt parkway
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    Looks nice and shiny. Wasn't 77 getting a 95'? That looks like a 75' unless I'm seeing it wrong
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    Remnants of Ida Updates/Incidents

    They were told to demobilize on Tuesday late morning /early afternoon. They had been staging in Alabama and proceeded immediately back to NJ. Not sure if they made it back before the storm hit us.
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    Remnants of Ida Updates/Incidents

    SI definitely busy tonight. SI expressway flooded both directions (worse east bound) near south ave. Wouldn’t be surprised if Oceanic started taking up a few calls as well. Anybody know if there was anything on the Verrazano? Upper level was closed and I thought I saw some activity on that...
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    FDNY EMS Station and Units

    Was able to talk to a few EMTs and Medics. Sounds like a handful of BK units get assigned or called into SI everyday now. Wonder if in the new division or contracts we will see an increase in units on the street?
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    8/10/2021 Queens 4th Alarm Box 7851

    Another large incident and another big showing of spare apparatus: Ladder 135 with a 2010 spare which is basically the same age as their present rig. Ladder 44 operating Ladder 114s 2006 aerialscope (can still see all their personalization on the truck) Ladder 154 operating around a 20 year...
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    New Seagraves

    FDIC international; indianapolis IN
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    7/26/21 Brooklyn 4th Alarm Box 3534

    Doubt you’ll really ever see them pull stuff from SI. Anytime there’s an all hands or greater SI needs relocaters from BK or further…
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    New Seagraves

    Yes and no… it was not originally purchased to be a squad but it was built off the same exact spec. The current 2013/2014 squads are identical; they just served as squads from day one in service. I guess this brings up an old point that was probably discussed and beaten to death… squad 1 was...
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    7/10/21 Staten Island 10-75 Box 366

    According to their site: Tremont ave in the Bronx, Bensonhurst Brooklyn, Babylon long island, oceanside long island, the three on staten island, manasquan nj, manalapan nj, florham park nj, and cranford nj. Also you can order online and have your order delivered to your doorstep ;)