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    10-74 Box 954

    10-75 Box 954 By 280        99 Rogers Ave.  TIME ???? should be    280-235-249-234      132-113      123F
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    ADs on this site

    these popup ads are annoying and how did get on here?????
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    Broadcastify Brooklyn Radio

    I have not been able to receive the Brooklyn audio channel for two days on Broadcastify, anyone else have problems?? The page keeps locking up and I'm not able to navigate the site??  BTW I do not listen from the link on this site just directly on Braodcastify.
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    5-2-15 All hands Box 881

    Phone alarm 200 Malcolm X Blvd  (Reid Ave) BN 37 1075 the Box Fire in the 2nd Floor    4 story Brick 222-214-218 233    111-176    112 F Xtra Eng & Truck    217  123    217 is actually 3rd due but was on another run.
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    2015 Fire Bell Club Dinner June 10,2015

    Are there any members planning to attend the Dinner on June 10th ??  I'm coming up from Florida and would like to meet some of you who I don't know. Jack O'
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    10-75 Box 3971 Classon Ave, & Quincy St.

    Box 3971    10-75 by 57 Bn        4-18-15 106 Lexington Ave.  Franklin To Classon Top Floor 235-280-219-210      132-102  105F
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    10-75 Box 951

    Box 951  New York Ave, Between Prospect Pl & St. Marks Ave 10-75 by 38Bn    Time    around  10-11 AM,    4-18-15 If all available 280-234-235-249      132-123  113F
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    Brooklyn Live radio 2-26-14

    I receive nothing but Static on the Brooklyn feed ??  something up??,its OK on Scanner feed??
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    2-19 10-75 Box 1911 Arlington Ave. & Essex St.

    If all available and in Qtrs 332-236-233-231    175-176  120F    44Bn No Particulars except Fire On Essex St between Arlington and Ridgewood  Aves.
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    Radio on this site

    I do not receive any audio on any of the channels here, anyone else with a problem??? Thanks  Jack O'
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    7-12-14 Live radio Brooklyn

    Having trouble getting Brooklyn radio on a lot of static and it seems like Queens is broadcasting on Brooklyn, I have no trouble on Citywide ???
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    7-10 Box 770 Central Ave & Grove St.

    delayed from around 4 or 5 PM 277-218-222-271      112-124    176F        37Bn  28BN R2 Sq252 Fire was in 3 Brick 20X50 occupied Commercial on the First Floor Fire was in the Basement 2 lines Stretched and in operation Did not catch the times sorry but was knocked down and UC in about 15 mins
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    Radio on

    I can't receive the stream from Broadcastify on this site even when logged on ??  Is that portion down ??
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    E60 L17 14Bn relocation

    E60 to E83 & L17 to L42 14BN ??  not sure .The move was supposed to take place today Next future move    R4 to E316 & E292 to E259
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    My younger Buff years

    811, yes you are correct also. in the mid 50's  box 3755 was Bogart & Ingraham, box 3756 was Bogart & Rock.