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    What is the cabin of a fire truck called

    "Back Step" - a nod to when guys rode on the back tailboard.
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    Engine 23 Renovation Article & Info

    FDNY Station Renovation Balances Past with Present | Firehouse Engine Company 23 (
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    For all the fans of KME...........

    Heard a rumor that REV will have E-One build the bodies, Spartan build the chassis and Smeal build the aerials. REV had already opened a consolidated parts warehouse in Florida near E-One a while back.
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    MIRT Unit

    Most departments that own Stanley systems use them for building collapses & USAR purposes. There are a number of tools that can be used with it as TLTruckie mentioned above. The Stanley system is a different concept then hydraulic extrication tools such as Hurst, Holmatro, etc.
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    New Rescues in Production

    Paint blemishes are pretty common on new rigs. Its not uncommon for workers at the factory to scratch the rig here and there during assembly after its been painted. Part of the process of the final inspection is to ID things like scratches and scuffs so they can be addressed before taking...
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    Engine 220 Ladder 122 Back to Back

    Gotta be some grumblings from the chauffeur of the front rig when he has to get up at 3am for the back rig to get out 🤣
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    Firehouses built into high rises.

    New Rochelle is going through something similar in planning for their new Station 1. A developer wanted to buy the existing Station 1 to put up a high rise. The city wanted to stipulate that the developer would either include a firehouse in the new building or acquire a separate location for the...
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    New London obtains free replacement for $1.265 million firetruck

    Old (Former Demo): New:
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    New Rescues in Production

    I believe the FDNY requires a stainless steel cab and body. Not too many builders do that. Most only offer stainless bodies. The only ones I know of are Seagrave(all lines), KME (Severe Service) and Ferrara (Ultra) although I think Ferrara may have dropped the Ultra chassis since it's not listed...
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    7/13/21 Bronx Water Rescue

    Out of curiosity, what are the capabilities of the water rescue companies outside of the Rescues? Are they limited to surface water rescues or do they dive too? What equipment do they carry?
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    New Seagraves

    Usually the manufacturer will require the buyer to sign off on anything that isn't NFPA compliant when they sign the final paperwork. I've seen some pretty creative designs with the rear chevrons. One department did the American flag with red white and blue stripes.
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    New Seagraves

    NFPA specifies what are acceptable colors for the stripes. Supposedly, the next edition will allow a wider variety of colors as long as they contrast each other. The Sq-8 style appear to be NFPA compliant. The Rescue 1 version is not. Either way, can't fault the added layer of safety.
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    Brooklyn FDNY/MVA Box 2688*Late*

    Just a guess but the Rescues & Squads carry advanced extrication equipment such as Paratech struts and heavy rigging equipment (griphoist/slings/shackles/chains) that are used to secure and unstable vehicle. I'm pretty sure most truck companies just carry a basic set of Hurst tools and cribbing.
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    Surfside,FL Partial Condo Building Collapse 6/24/2021

    Does anyone have a run down of what the initial alarm assignments were? I'd be curious to see how many alarms were transmitted and how many rigs responded. That had to be an eye-opener for the 1st due company to roll out of bed and into all of that. Considering both Miami-Dade and Miami have...
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    FDNY Squad Equipment

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    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    The cost for mechanics will undoubtedly go up as they will have to be trained to repair high voltage electrical components now.
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    6/4/21 Mount Vernon/Pelham Manor/FDNY - Water Rescue

    6/4/21 Car into the water Pelham Parkway/Fulton Ave drawbridge FDNY assignment w/ R3/R4/M6 on scene deployed divers. At least 1 victim removed Vehicle removed & scene turned over to Westchester PD @ 1044 hours. Location approximately 200 yards north of the city line.
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    Baltimore,MD 1 Person Found Dead After Vacant Rowhome Fire 5/28/2021

    Goes to show you that you can't ever really consider a building vacant until you go in and determine that for yourself.
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    4/6/21 Queens 8th Alarm Box 7864

    Looks like a little bit of a hike for the 2nd and deeper due companies. Google Maps says over 10 minutes. That's gotta feel like an eternity when the first due is stretching to the top floor and looking for back up.
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    Firehouses Closed

    Isn't the old Rescue 3 now the Bronx Borough Command HQ?