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    TAC Units

    I was wondering what Tac 1 and 2 carry and why they only have one Firefighter from SOC and not 2?
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    I have a question how come they do not keep Marine 1, 6 and 9 in a covered station like they do in the following pictures? It would seem to make sense since NY weather in the winter. Some even have an Engine Company housed with them...
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    Battery Operated Cut Off Saw

    Has anyone used any of these saws for Firefighting such as Roof cutting and a like? I am looking for feed back. I have seen Sq-288 has the DE Walt with the 9" Cutting wheel
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    LA City FD Robot When will FDNY get one of these?
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    FDNY Aux.

    Does anyone know if FDNY Aux. existed in the middle to late 1990's and was still taking guys in at that time? I have someone telling me there were FDNY Aux. but the info is sketchy.  Looking to see if this guy is for real or a fraud.
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    Is this replacing the other rig they have?
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    Fire Apparatus Journal

    I was wondering if anyone new when we might get some good updates on the new Rescues and other FDNY Rigs on order in Apparatus Journal?
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    Hi-Rise Units

    I would think it is about time they start replacing these right? They are 2002
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    FDNY Drone

    Does anyone know why the Drone FDNY has is Tethered?
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    FDNY NEW Firehouses and EMS Stations

    Does any know and or have pictures of any new firehouses or EMS stations or anything are in the works coming up to be built?
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    Leather Helmets

    I have noticed in pictures that more guys are wearing leather helmets. I was wondering since they are no longer going to be using Morning Pride gear if that will be going back to Leather Helmets?
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    Ordered Apparatus

    I was wondering if anyone had the drawings or pictures of the new Rescues and Satellites that are on order?
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    Does anyone know the date of this years FDNY Memorial Day?
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    Bronto Sky Lift
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    Medal Day 2018

    What is the date in June for this years Medal Day?
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    Vacuum Truck

    I know FDNY gets Con-Ed when they need a Vacuum truck but how come these never bought there own like this one?
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    SOC Coats

    Does anyone know the brand of the coats that SOC wears on Tech calls?
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    Gold helmets In the picture there is a ADC with a gold colored helmet and it is not the first one I have scene.  Does anyone know why or how they get them gold other than painting them?