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    New Seagraves

    Anything on 264 and 328?
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    9/10/2021 Queens 10-76 - 2nd Alarm Box 1076

    Yea. Yep. They just passed me on the LIE by Maurice a few minutes ago
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    Covering bosses

    When I buffed with my local engine, back before 9/11, the Lt got hurt on a job. The senior man became the acting officer until someone showed up. They didn’t go out of service.
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    Giving them self defense training.... next thing you’ll here on the news everyone’s mad at EMS for physically defending themselves on a call that was recorded.
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    Firehouses Closed

    212 I think would be needed. Williamsburg greatly expanded since they closed.
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    Saw 142 with the new tower.
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    3/31/21 Staten Island 5th Alarm Box 1150

    265 went for decon support
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    Cockloft nozzle.

    Is this the nozzle on 265?
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    Cockloft nozzle.

    I know the cockloft nozzle has been carried by squads and divisions, but I seen a couple of engines carrying it. Eg: 265 has one attached to their box on top. Did they expand units that are carrying it?
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    2/14/21 Queens 5th Alarm Box 9623

    274 is going in for Blitz fire it sounded like. Here is more on that
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    Reserves vs Spares

    “Late Catry”.... I didn’t know he passed. I know I haven’t seen him post on a long time.
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    2/4/21 Queens All Hands Box 6059

    Fire in the ceiling between the first and second floors. Extra E/T. - 302 and 155
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    1/29/21 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1408

    Yea, 142 usually goes to 121
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    1/29/21 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 1408

    I don’t know, but over the years of me buffing the Rockaway, that far west, it seems I see 153 coming over.
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    1/27/21 Queens All Hands Box 1772

    Some units
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    New Tillers

    I know 173 had theirs before 9/11.Used to pass them all the time.
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    1/14/21 Bronx All Hands Bus Accident Box 2799/8799

    Div 7 : 7 patients being transported. Unknown condition of them
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    Favorite dispatchers

    Genie Williams was good. I forgot what year she retired.
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    Favorite dispatchers

    “all units stand by unless urgent...” miss you Yak!
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    12/16/20 Queens 10-75 Box 1741

    As per fire marshal, cause was accidental- smoking with no smoke detector.