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    Visiting the City

    I just arrived to the city for a few days with the wife to watch the parade on Thursday. She’s going to drag me shopping, so I’m going to drag her to a few fire houses. Any suggestions? I’ve never been to a squad and want to mark that off the list. We’re staying a few blocks south of Central...
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    Detroit Squad 6 MVC
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    Reserves vs Spares

    Can someone tell me the difference in Reserve units vs Spare units and what their roles are? Which get used first (i.e. which replaces a front line unit when it's down)? I have noticed some houses have reserves assigned to them with number markings on them, so where do the spares live?
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    Birmingham Senior Living Fire - 2 fatalities

    I live in Birmingham. Based on the news footage I believe the rundown was: Engines: 3, 2, 7, 6, 1 Ladders: Truck 2, Tiller 1, Quint 22
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    Nashville Downtown Building Explosion
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    Rescue 5 in Brooklyn

    Does anyone have a map showing the divide between Rescue 2 and Rescue 5's boxes in Brooklyn or know where the divide runs?