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    Triple Fatal Virginia House Fire For the Brothers that have visited or ridden with me, this fire occurred just north of Fire Station 12 across the line in Greene County, VA.  Engine 121, Medic 12, Engine 41 and Battalion 13 responded from...
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    USS Fitzgerald

    I am sure most, if not all of you, on this site have been keeping up with the collision of the USS Fitzgerald and a container ship off the coast of Japan.  Seven Sailors are confirmed dead in this tragic event.  Sadly, one of the sailors killed, Gunners Mate Dakota Rigsby, was a firefighter in...
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    Ladder 8

    Is Ladder 8 in their own quarters or are they relocated to another house for renovation of their firehouse?
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    Mid-Atlantic Snowstorm

    All you brothers from up north are welcome to come to Virginia and pick up your two feet of snow, we'll have it packed up and waiting for you! ;D
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    5 killed in Virginia house fire

    Chesterfield County, Virginia; just south of Richmond
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    Structure Fire, Albemarle County, Virginia.

    A little job we had yesterday 12/16/15, in Albemarle County, VA.  I was off, Battalion 12 had the incident.  The first due Engine, Engine 1 from the City of Charlottesville on automatic aid, made a nice quick knockdown, backed up by Engine 82.  Amazing how well it goes when you stretch a line...
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    Dispatchers 3rd Alarm

    I know this may have been explained before on this forum, but I cannot find the thread.  I was reading in the most current WNYF an article about a collapse at a fire on Jennings Street in 1974.  In this article, it is referenced that when additional assistance was requested, a dispatchers 3rd...
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    Death at World Fire and Police Games

    Prayers for the Brazilian Police Officer and his family.  He was killed in a cycling accident while competing in the World Fire and Police Games being held in Fairfax, Virginia.  2 other Brazilian Officers were seriously injured and are still in the hospital in Virginia.  Prayers for their rapid...
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    Fire Chief, Charlottesville, Virginia

    The City of Charlottesville, Virginia is hiring a new Fire Chief.  This is a well equipped, well manned ISO Class 1 Department.  A great opportunity for someone looking for a new challenge. If the link does not work, Google City...
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    Virginia Brushfires

    Yesterday was a high wind, low humidity day in Virginia.  There were multiple brush fires throughout the state, including several in Albemarle County, VA where I work and we were on-duty.  Units had just finished controlling a 10 acre blaze when a single engine response was struck for a small...
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    Fire Ice

    I think I asked about this last year, but I am still a little confused (old age has finally hit!).  Is the Fire Ice a separate rig, or is it something carried on select Engine Companies? I have very little experience with manhole fires. At what point is water applied to the manhole, and is the...
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    Snow in the south

    Brothers, It has snowed in Virginia! That means that all bread and milk have been stripped from the store shelves and hoarded until summer.  If there is any extra found up north, please immediately ship to Steve E. 3 Buck Island Rd? On a serious note, thoughts are still going out for the...
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    Heading to the City this weekend

    The obvious answer to this question is, stay away.  However, we have had a trip planned to New York since this time last year for the Andy Fredericks Seminar being held up in Elmsford this Saturday.  We have made this trip every year for the past 10 years, and have nine brothers coming up this...
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    Places in Chicago?

    Heading out to Chicago for the first time tomorrow morning to attend the Fire Rescue International Conference.  Staying at the Sheraton Towers.  Where is the best Chicago food near here (like deep dish pizza!) Also, is there a Chicago Firehouse nearby to visit?  Thanks, FP16
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    "Chinese 72"

    I was having lunch today with some War Year vets.  During the stories and conversations about the 60's and 70's, they referred to working a "Chinese 72".  Anyone out there who can explain a Chinese 72?
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    Help for FDNY members

    Following the events of the past few days, I know there are many FDNY Firefighters, Officers and EMS personnel that lost or suffered significant damage to their homes.  Is there a fund that where we can make donations to assist these brothers and sisters, and their families, rebuild their lives...