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    Visiting the City

    Made it to SQ18 before they went out on a pedestrian struck by a bicycle. Really nice guys.
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    11/22/21 Manhattan Person Struck Box 7019

    My wife is shopping in SoHo. Almost went over to 8 but then saw them responding.
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    Visiting the City

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    Visiting the City

    Mainly a buff. Have my EMT but don’t work in the field. I am a member of the Southern Vintage Fire Apparatus Association (look us up on Facebook and plan a visit of ever in Birmingham). We have a great collection of antique rigs. Here’s a pic of my wife and I leaving our wedding in a 1950 Mack.
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    Visiting the City

    I just arrived to the city for a few days with the wife to watch the parade on Thursday. She’s going to drag me shopping, so I’m going to drag her to a few fire houses. Any suggestions? I’ve never been to a squad and want to mark that off the list. We’re staying a few blocks south of Central...
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    Rescue 1

    I know they're also in REV Group, but curious to see how Boston's new E-One R-1 and R-2 rigs hold up.
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    10/19/2021 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1912

    Given traffic conditions and the route, 41 could have been in NJ most of the time!
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    10/19/2021 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 1912

    Just looking at the gaps on the map, I'd put an engine and truck on SI near the mall. If I were to put another Squad somewhere, I'd do it in this gap in Midwood. SQ1 would probably still go to SI, but would get relief not having to go to the southern end of Brooklyn.
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    10/13/21 Staten Island All Hands Box 0662

    First 10-75 for new Squad 8 rig?
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    Detroit Squad 6 MVC
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    9/7/21 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 100

    Are Greenpoint Brooklyn boxes normally given to 4/288?
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    9/2/21 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1161

    Is Rescue 3 going to make it to Brooklyn today to compete the cycle? o_O
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    LFB engine, ladder, rescue tour:
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    Job Maps Updates

    Where can we find these maps?
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    8/21/21 Brooklyn 10-77 Box 3530

    Busy morning for sure.
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    8/3/2021 Brooklyn All Hands Box 1399

    Busy day for R2
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    Volunteer fire house in the city.

    @FDNY, Do it!
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2021

    Queens...the Borough of Fire (for June at least 😝)
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    6/21/21 Queens 10-75 Box 5178

    What's the line between 288 and 270's squad response areas?
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    Squad Response Area

    Probably 1st due squad response territories.