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    FDNY helmet shield maker?

    Sirs, any helmet collectors who can recommend a maker of FDNY style front shields for an older Cairns leather helmet. All the best kristensen
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    "Original" FDNY ladder 5 patch?

    Sirs, Are any of you patch experts? I would like a FDNY ladder 5 patch. They are sold out at ladder 5's house. Patches on the internet have differences. Anyone know if any of them are an original ladder 5 patch? I bought the top one, but it doesn't look right. 2 last photos from the internet...
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    What rigs are stored in JFK hangar 17???

    Dear Sirs. After Ladder 3 has been relocated to the WTC Memorial, what rigs are left stored in JFK hangar 17? I see an ambulance, Engine Co 21, Ladder Co ??? and Squad Co ??? Take care
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    War Years Buffs

    Dear Sirs. I have had a lot of interesting hours reading threads like "my younger buffs years". The threads have not only told about the very professional FDNY, but also about the war years buffs just as professional chasing fires using the tools of the trade. I?ve been reading about scanners...
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    Where is this??

    Someone once e-mailed me this picture. Can't remember where it is taken. Can anyone help? Best regards kristensen
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    Best Harry Ahearn book?

    Dear Sirs. I would like an introduction to Harry Ahearn?s books. Which one of Ghetto Firefighter, The Fire Factory and Harlem memories would you consider the best? Thanks in advance Kristensen
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    Where to buy used fire-books????

    Dear Sirs. Do you know a good used books-shop? I'm looking for some fire related titles, that my normal sources don't have. I know about ebay, abe and amazon - so I'm looking for the not so well-known book dealer. I'm in particular looking for "Services not Required" from FAJ publ. Thanks
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    FDNY Company T-shirts - places to buy

    I'm looking for FDNY firehouses that sells company t-shirts, accept PayPal and would ship to Europe. Pls let me know if your firehouse could sell me a t-shirt. Take care
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    Pictures of FDNY Mack CF's with Buffalo horns

    Dear Sirs. I thank I saw some pictures of some older FDNY Mack CF rigs with buffalo horns over the windshield. Anyone have any pics they could share? Best regards kristensen
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    Bronx is burning and Still riding

    Dear Sirs. I've looked for the FDNY videos "Bronx is burning" and "Still riding" for some time. I've searched Ebay, Google etc but had no luck. Is there any one in this forum, who knows where I can buy a copy? Best regards kristensen