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    2021 Year in Review Eastern, Ct Fire Video - Part 1

    This video was recently released by a good friend of mine. His name is Ryan Flaherty. He is a firefighter in Norwich, Ct and also works a few days a month as a regional dispatcher in a place called Station Q.V. (Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications) Ryan is a buff and like so many of us...
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    Christmas with a Disability

    Living with a disability can be a day to day challenge During Christmas time the challenge may be even more difficult. Here is just one example to show us what it's like.
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    Cousin Elwood and Uncle Wilfred when they was youngins'

    Friends; Cousin Elwood, (CFDMarshall), and Uncle Wilfred (NFD2004), wanna take you back to when we were a youngin' folks back there at one a them ole' foot stompin', Ole' Country Hoedown Get Together's. Why don't Ya ALL come join the party. Clap your hands and stomp your feet. This Old...
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    Average EMT Salaries across the Country

    A friend passed this information onto me and I thought it might be worth mentioning here. Below is a list of AVERAGE EMT salaries across the Country as of September, 2021. State---Mean Average Salary---Mean Hourly Salary Alabama - $28,670 - $13.78 Alaska - $54,290 - $26.10 Arizona - $35,430 -...
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    Congratulations FDNY Probie Class Graduating today September 29, 2021

    To the FDNY Probation Firefighters who graduated from "The Rock" today, September 30, 2021 - "I wish you all the best for a safe and happy career". You all have worked very hard to get to where you are today. Now you begin your new career as a Firefighter in the largest and busiest fire...
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    Firefighters Must Use Their Own PTO During Covid or Quarantine

    Some fire departments are requiring their firefighters to use their own PTO if they contact Covid or if they must Quarantine. Such is the case in my home town where the City Fire Union IAFF 892 has filed a state labor complaint over the city's COVIC-19 policies. The union states the...
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    Uncle Vinny on the Return of the Mask

    From the Rodia Comedy selection, with many places once again requiring the wearing of a mask, we are again very prilivaged to hear from Uncle Vinny on: "The Return of the Mask" Heres what the "Uncle V", has to say about it.
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    "Into The Smoke" by Mike Dick and Retired FDNY Lt Tom Barry has arrived

    Members of NYCFIRE.NET, I am very happy to report to you that the book titled "INTO The Smoke with New York's Bravest" by Our Most Valuable Player, Mike Dick, aka "mikeindabronx", and Retired FDNY Lt Tom Barry has arrived at the Ole' Homestead here in the hills of Connecticut. The hard cover...
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    Site Down Most of the Day - Wednesday July 14th

    This web site was down most of the day for Wednesday July 14th. "tbendick" was notified at 10:43 am and also got an alert advising him of such. It was back up around 6:30 pm today. Please spread the word that NYCFIRE.NET is up and running again. Thanks to Tommy B.
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    THANK YOU Signal 73 and EMSR2

    I would like to THANK our NYCFIRE.NET members "Signal 73" and "EMSR2" for their EXCELLENT coverage of the fires and incidents within the State of Connecticut. The entire State of Connecticut has a total population of only 3.5 million people living within a 5,500 square mile area. But it DOES...
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    Site Down Most of Thursday June 24th

    This site was down for most of the day. According to Tom Bendick, owner/administrator, he says: "Security rule kicked in and blocked it". "Have to do more troubleshooting to see why".
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    Nycfire down this morning Wednesday June 16th '21

    Members and fans of NYCFIRE, as some of you know this website was down for the entire morning. Thanks, once again, to Lt Tommy Bendick for getting everything back for us. If you know of anybody who might not realize the site is back, please let them know.
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    New York City during the 1970s

    I was recently made aware of this video by Chief JK (68jk09). A reminder of how bad things really were in "The Big Apple" back in those years This video is called: "NY 77 - the coolest year in Hell"
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    Fire Activity Picking Up In Connecticut

    I would like to THANK members; "signal73", "EMSR2", and "3511", for keeping us updated on the working fire activity in Connecticut. I've noticed that over the last few months, many cities in Connecticut, just like the NYC area, has been having an INCREASE in the amount of fire...
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    FDNYs Bravest Photos

    Just released by Our Most Valuable Player Mike Dick, aka "mikeindabronx". Twenty Five of the FDNYs Bravest Photos on his just released - "page 28" - of his web site. These photos taken during a very busy time within the FDNY in Harlem and the South Bronx
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    Any Old School Wrestling Fans Among Us ?

    As with so many of us here, whether career firefighters, volunteer firefighters, or buffs, for most of us, the fire department carried our Highest Interest. The guys, the rigs, the jobs, made it that way. Many of us more senior members also talk about those Great Doo Wop Days and the music style...
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    NYPD going encrypt

    I thought it worth mentioning here for those who might monitor a few NYPD channels, I've been told by an excellent source that soon, ALL of the NYPD channels will be encrypt. That is happening around the country, not just with the NYPD. From this site owner Tommy B., we've been told that as it...
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    Joe M., aka "mack" promoted on NYCFire

    Members of, recently Joe Materia, aka "mack" was promoted to "Administrator" of this site. That promotion came from this site owner Tommy Bendick. This began when a few members of this site had some needs that had to be addressed and based on Joe's experience and willingness to...
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    Terry Fator and his singing guest

    Members of Nycfire, if you haven't seen Mr Terry Fator perform with his very special singing guest yet, "you are in for a big treat". If you're in the firehouse right now, tell the guys to gather around. If your at home, just sit back with your cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the music. First we...
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    I think we can safely say that for most of us, we are here for the FDNY, it's history, the incidents, etc. We have the HIGHEST Respect for the current, as well as the retired members of the department. The largest and busiest fire department in the entire country. John Bendick (our site...