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    9/11 Anniversary photos

    Took a trip to the city from Mass for the anniversary. Here is a small gallery from memorial service at 3 Truck along with some shots from the Rock, a drill with TSU 1, some rigs, some firehouses and the light display at the battery garage. 9/11 photo gallery
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    Arlington, MA 3rd Alarm Egerton Rd 5/29/21

    3 alarm fire on Egerton Road in Arlington, MA, fire on the rear porches extended into the house. Companies went defensive for a while. Here is a gallery of my images. Egerton Rd Photos
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    2/12/2021 5th Alarm Worcester, Massachusetts Double Civilian fatality

    19:26 Box 13-15 for 13 Jacques Ave Engines 13,2,4,12 Ladders 3 and 7,Rescue 1, North End Chief, South End Chief, Ladder 2 RIT Receiving calls for a 3 decker possible people trapped. 19:26 command reports heavy fire showing from a 3 decker also exposure problems. Strike a 2nd alarm. Engines 6...
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    Worcester, MA 4th Alarm 1094 Main Street 8/18/2020

    Worcester firefighters worked this smokey 4 alarm blaze on Tuesday August 18th at 1094 Main Street. The commercial building was well involved in fire before companies from Webster Square firehouse arrived. The Webster Square firehouse is literally a stone’s throw away. The block held a few...
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    Another 3rd alarm in Worcester, MA 2/24/2020

    41 Westminster Street 16:45 1st alarm 16:51 2nd alarm 16:53 3rd alarm Companies had heavy fire in the back of the house on arrival. They attempted an interior attack. The fire had already progressed rapidly and was self venting thru the roof. They pulled everyone and went defensive...