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    Paterson, NJ 4th alarm fatal fire 12/3/21

    News article: Video by tornadochaser66
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    Elizabeth, NJ 2 alarm fire 11/20/21

    From ALL COUNTY NEWS Elizabeth, NJ - Saturday November 20, 2021 - A 2-alarm fire caused heavy damage to the Dulce Pecado Bistro Bar building at 110 West Jersey Street. The fire was the second structure fire in less than an hour. No serious injuries were reporte. Cause of the fire is under...
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    East Orange, NJ 2 alarm building fire 11/11/21

    From All County News: EAST ORANGE, NJ - Two multi-family homes were destroyed by a raging 2-alarm fire on Williams Street near 18th Street. The blaze left at least 25 people displaced and took over an hour to bring under control. No injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under...
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    Fatal Canoga Park, Ca industrial fire. 10/19/21

    News articles
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    Hackensack, NJ 3 alarm fire. 10/10/21

    News article Video by JeffStang Fire
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    Jersey City, NJ 3 alarm fire in auto body shops, 9/3/21

    News report: Video by LLN NYC:
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    Newark, NJ 3rd alarm commercial building fire 2/16/21

    News article from Two videos (P1 & P2) from JeffStang Fire Photography: P1: P2:
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    Engine 74 mascot

    Found this recent interesting article on JT, the new Dalmatian at E74, while searching Google. JT had a cameo appearance on video by Skyler Fire for Manhattan box 1069 on 11/25/20. Guess there was...
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    Passaic, NJ 4 alarm fire in 2 buildings 9/26/20 news story: Video by homer218:
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    Old FDNY video

    Short video from YouTube. Defer to the Senior members on this site on the timeframe, companies and firehouse shown. Brought back memories of the FFs riding on the side of the truck and the engine backstep in the 60s. Also liked the guys in the Dispatch office wearing ties.
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    Paterson, NJ 4 alarm fire. 8/3/20

    News article by Videos by JeffStang Fire Photography: Part 1: Part 2:
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    Passaic, NJ 5 alarm fire 7/27/20

    News article: Videos with audio from JeffStang Fire Photography: Part1. Part 2.
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    Fort Lee, NJ 3rd alarm fire. 7/4/20

    News report by
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    Newark, NJ house fire 5/12/20

    From NorthJersey FireNews: Newark 1512 Box at  22 Columbia Ave  Report of Fire 2nd floor. E26 had heavy smoke showing 3rd floor Occupied 2.5 Story Wood Frame. Heavy fire was running 2nd floor ceiling and walls up into the 3rd floor. 3 Lines worked to contain fire. Video with FD audio by...
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    Ft. Myers airport, FL; brush fire spreads to 100 rental cars, 4/3/20

    Airport is 10 minutes from our house. All Lee County fire departments responded to the scene of a brush fire that covered 15 acres and involved 100 cars in the rental car overflow area at Southwest Florida International Airport Friday. Fire departments from Collier and Charlotte counties also...
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    3/20/20 Queens 10-75 Box 7519 Multiple buses on fire

    Video by City Streets.    Couldn't find a previous posting for this incident that occurred on 3/20 in Astoria near 4th St. per video/audio. BN 49 transmitted the 10-75.  E312, TL115 (F), TL 117, R4 were some of the units.
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    Elizabeth, NJ 3rd alarm fire (Franklin St) 2/9/20

    Video by JeffStang Fire Photography
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    3 sentenced to 4 to 12 years for East Village gas explosion in March 2015

    News story by NY Post below.    I couldn't find the original post of the 7th alarm 10-60 box 436 on 3/26/15 in the Manhattan March 2015 incidents to add this follow up. Any idea what happened to the original post? Landlord, contractor and plumber sentenced to 4 to 12 years for East Village gas...
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    BC Palmieri, Bn33

    From NYCFIREWIRE: "Tonight is Battalion Chief Sal Palmeri last tour after 40 years of service. His career started in '79 as a FF in E-281. Lieutenant from '87 to '93 in E-7, '93-'00 as Captain of E-276 & returned to the Highway as Battalion Chief of Batt 33 from 2000 to now." Best wishes Chief
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    Newark, NJ abandoned house fire 12/10/19

    2 videos with FD audio by JeffStang Fire Photography