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  1. NYBravest82

    9/2/16 - Hurricane Hermine Preparations Begin

    With Hurricane Hermine set to make its presence known sometime later in the day tomorrow(earlier south), the mayor and FDNY have begun preparations. As per the afternoon press conference, Chief James Leonard had this to say; "We continue to monitor this situation very closely with the Mayor?s...
  2. NYBravest82

    MS Paint

    Aside from Photography, I also Do MS Paint work as well, and have for a while. Figured I'd Post some here...
  3. NYBravest82

    Something New...

    As some of you know, I'm a photographer...but since i'm also a highly unconventional person(I do drive a car with Ghostbusters logos on it.), I paper is "so 2012..." 8) So I decided to print some of my shots on Fire hose...
  4. NYBravest82

    5/13/13 QUEENS...Unusual Incident

    Queens ** Assist NYPD** 67 Ave & 231 st NYPD requested FDNY with a Tower Ladder to assist with removing a cop from a tree. Officer was attempting to rescue a cat stuck in a tree.
  5. NYBravest82

    E162/L82/Batt.23 Quarters Renovation

    Effective Tuesday March 19, 2013, the quarters of Staten Island Engine Company 162/Ladder Company 82/Battalion 23 on Nelson ave, in Great Kills, will be having their floor ripped up and redone. They're expected to be out of the house for 8 months(city time that should equate to 39 months.) In...
  6. NYBravest82

    Plane Into Building, Austin, TX.

    (CNN) -- A small airplane crashed Thursday morning into a building in Austin, Texas, said Lynn Lundsford of the Federal Aviation Administration. Firefighters used a ladder truck and other equipment to hose down the blaze at the building, which police said was located in the 9400 block of...