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    New Super Pumper??

    Isn't training included in the purchase of the truck?
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    Hartford, Ct MVA Involving Hartford Fire E-5 vs AMR Ambulance 11/18/21

    Wow, hope everyone is ok. That is a brand new piece, not even in service for a whole year yet.
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    CHIEF: The Story of William Feehan & the FDNY

    Anyone know if it's streaming online anywhere? I can't seem to find it.
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    As far as I know it's still sitting in the lot in Maspeth
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    FDNY Fireground Radio Feed

    the DARS feed will not work any more as it is now encrypted.
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    San Gennaro Festival 2021

    You can't go wrong with Arthur Ave!
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    9/11 Anniversary photos

    Took a trip to the city from Mass for the anniversary. Here is a small gallery from memorial service at 3 Truck along with some shots from the Rock, a drill with TSU 1, some rigs, some firehouses and the light display at the battery garage. 9/11 photo gallery
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    Broadcastify Feed

    Thats where I got my intel from. They are using a back up center at the moment.
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    Broadcastify Feed

    I was told Bridgeport's is down because their communications center is getting renovated and that's where the feed was housed.
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    This only uses cell signals to transmit and receive audio. This will not receive and "regular" radio frequencies. This would only receive feeds used on the zello app which I don't believe there are any FDNY feeds.
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    Thats because the radio reference database relies on people to find these talkgroups and submit them to be added. I don't think the same talkgroups are used with the new system. With the majority of the new talkgroups being encrypted it doesn't matter because you can't hear them anyways...
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    New Rescues in Production

    Would you buy a brand new vehicle that has blemishes in the paint?
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    Just opened up for ordering yesterday. Ordered mine right away!
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    FDNY Mand Library

    Is the library open to the public or do you have to be on the job to get in?
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    Boston 2 Trolleys Crash

    Sorry I'm not usually scanning the board on my days off. With the app downloaded go to channels. There should be a round circle with a plus sign (+) and will also show 3 "people" in it. Click that. Then click on add by channel name. These are the channel names and they have to be entered...
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    Boston 2 Trolleys Crash

    you can download it on a computer or a cell phone app. The are listed as BFD-1, BFD-2 and BFD-5 exactly like that. BFD-5 should have a BFD patch has the icon. I set mine up years ago so I'm not sure if anything changed. I can help you if you have any issues.
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    Boston 2 Trolleys Crash

    If you use the Zello app Boston Fire has Channels 1,2 and 5 on it. It comes right from the console at fire alarm. Audio is excellent and you don't have to worry about missing something while it scans using broadcastify. The zello channels are one for one.
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    Boston 2 Trolleys Crash

    Engine 41 Ladder 14, a mile away.
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    7-16-21 Boston Harbor Boating Accident

    While I don't disagree with a new firehouse I doubt you'll see one. If FDNY can't get a new firehouse in Hudson Yards it's a slim chance Boston will get one in the seaport district. Engine 10, Tower Ladder 3 and Rescue 1 on Purchase Street are very close to the area as well as Engine 39 and...