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    1/4/21 Queens Unusual Incident Box 3130

    All clear has been given, police said it was just a hoax.
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    NYE 2021...First Job?

    I'll show SI some love. Batt 21 calls the All Hands.
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    Aerials Over 100 Feet ??

    Chicago actually just got one this year.
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    4 Alarm, Pittsburgh, PA

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    4 Alarm, Pittsburgh, PA

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    4 Alarm, Pittsburgh, PA
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    4 Alarm, Pittsburgh, PA

    A second firefighter has now been transported with a third firefighter being treated on scene.
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    4 Alarm, Pittsburgh, PA

    Currently a 4 alarm fire going in Pittsburgh. Mayday was transmitted for firefighters on 3rd floor. Has since been cleared. Major collapse of building with one firefighter seriously burned.
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    Foam Tender

    I saw inside the thread about the new Super Pumper (or whatever they decide to call it) and someone said that the Foam Tender isn't a thing anymore. Is this true? If so, does anyone know what happened to it?
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    New super pumper arrival

    Anyone have an update on what is going on with the rig as of now?
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    New Rescues in Production

    The one on the right is the new one. If you zoom in you can see the shop number has '19' in it.