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  1. skylerfire

    11/14/21 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1081

    BOX 1081 - 131 E 78 ST LEXINGTON AVE - PARK AVE FIRE ON THE 2 FLOOR SIG 7-5 E044 E022 E039 E074 T013 L016 L025F BC10 BC08 RS01 Q018 DC03 RA01 Relocations Engine ?? Act. Engine ?? Ladder 5 Act. Ladder 25 Battalion 4 Act. Battalion 8
  2. skylerfire

    Engine 82 Tower Ladder 31 Firehouse Renovation

    Firehouse 2nd and 3rd Floor Renovation tower ladder side bay all lockers and stuff moved. Tower Ladder is riding out in a cage
  3. skylerfire

    11/7/21 Bronx 10-36 Box 2551

    BOX 2551 - Westchester and Longfellow Car Vs Parked Car with Leg Pinned E082 T031 RS03 BC03
  4. skylerfire

    10/14/21 Bronx 10-80 Box 3701

    BOX 3701 - W 225 ST @ BROADWAY Behind Target Metro North Locomotive Train hit something on tracks causing 100+ gallons Diesel fuel onto tracks. Hazmat assigned to remove 500+ gallons inside tank. E081 E095 T046 L036 BC19 HM01 SQ61H HMBC
  5. skylerfire

    San Gennaro Festival 2021

    Mobile Command Center 2 Reserve Engine 500 Reserve Engine 505 Reserve Engine 514 ATV 168 MB ATV 1 MB ATV 2 2nd Section for Engine 55 (A Engine will Relocate and cover 2nd Section) 2nd Section for Ladder 20 (A Ladder will Relocate and cover 2nd Section) Engines 55, 9, 7 and Reserve Engines...
  6. skylerfire

    8/28/21 Manhattan All Hands UC Box 1145 *Delayed*

    514 East 84 Street Came in as a Alarm activation. 2nd Source was from home owner for smoke in the building 10th Battalion and first due companies at a manhole some came available Turned to be a Filter in the AC Unit caused a light smoke condition use all hands to find the source knocked...
  7. skylerfire

    High Axle Units

    High Axle Unit 3 Responding
  8. skylerfire

    8/16/21 Manhattan All Hands Box 1392

    601 W 115 ST BROADWAY RIVERSIDE DR MANHOLE FIRE BETWEEN 2 CARS GAS FED E047 E037 E076P E080 L040 T022 L026F BC11 BC12 RS01 Q018 DC03 RA01 CIDs Window Bars 604 W 115 St - Extra Engine & Truck E058 T023 SPECIAL CALLED - Hazmat HM1 HMB E044H SPECIAL CALLED - 1 FAST Truck for...
  9. skylerfire

    8/4/21 Manhattan 10-77 / 10-80 Box 0869

    BOX 0869 410 52 ST 10 AVE 11 AVE ELECTRIC SCOOTER ON FIRE THAT WONT GO OUT SIG 7-7 E054 E040 E034 E023 E026C E065N E003T HR01 L004 T035 L025F L016 T012 BC09 BC08 BC11 BC06S RS01 SQ18 DC03 RA01 FC01 RB01 SB01 10-80 (Hazmat Response) E044T HMTU HM01...
  10. skylerfire

    Engine 220 Ladder 122 Back to Back

  11. skylerfire

    Marine Battalion

    Staffed by 2 FFs and BC Responds anytime a Marine Unit Goes out. Quick Clip of Marine Battalion going on a run
  12. skylerfire

    7/7/21 Manhattan 10-24 Box 0780

    Garbage Truck Fire West 41 Street Between 10 and 11 Avenues E221/E034 L030/L004
  13. skylerfire

    7/4/21 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1473

    BOX 1473 - 1305 AMSTERDAM AVE LA SALLE ST 123 ST FIRE IN THE REAR E059 E035 E076 E091 L030 L026 T014F BC12 BC16 RS01 SQ41 DC03 RA03 T023 was 10-84 assigned and cancelled *E037 E080 E047 L040 T023 BC11 on another box.
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    Since a few people asked… I will put a few photos and quick video of the New Beast. She is very tall. Will keep posted on when it’s going inservice…
  15. skylerfire

    5/19/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 3907

    Brush Fire in Van Cortlandt Park Engine 52 Transmitted 10-75 No Special Units BC27 Requesting BFU E052 E081 E079 E062 L052 T046 L037 BC27 BC19 E097T BFU8 DC07 RA03 relocations Engine 58 Act. Engine 52 Ladder 55 Act. Ladder 52 Ladder ?? Act. Ladder 37
  16. skylerfire

    Old Rescue 5
  17. skylerfire

    5/10/21 Queens 10-75 Box 7414

    41-02 Broadway at 41st Street Fire in a 1 Story Commercial Retro Pizza 🍕 Exposures 1- Street 2- 3 Story Attached 3 - 3 Story Attached 4 - Similar Attached *E261 would have been on the ticket if not closed* Maybe E263 E262 E325 E312? T117 T163 L116F RS04 SQ288 BC49 BC45 DC14 RA02 SPEICAL...
  18. skylerfire

    Firehouses Closed

    Does the City still own any of the firehouses that were closed?
  19. skylerfire

    3/27/21 Staten Island 2nd alarm Box 4392

    55 Opal Lane Heavy Fire in a PD extra Engine and Truck 22:37 - DC08 Reports 4 L/S, 3 L/S/O trucks opening up, Primary Basement and 1st Floor Negative DWH 22:39 - DC08 Reports Primary throughout is Negative Fire Remains DWH 22:41 - DC08 Reports All visible fire KD 22:52 - DC08 Request 1...
  20. skylerfire

    Newark, NJ 2nd Alarm 3/16/21 *Delayed*

    83 Walcott Ter Fire in (2) 2 Story Duplex E29 E18 E10 E6 L10 L5 L11F BC4 BC1 R1 DC1 SOps 2nd Alarm E11 E19 E26 E7 L12 L7 BC5 Special Call L8