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  1. DON-UEA03

    12/5/21 Pittsburgh, PA 2 alarm fire

    220 Hazelwood Ave, 2.5 sty dwelling, working fire top floor, one victim rescued by interior crew unknown condition. Under control about an hour later
  2. DON-UEA03

    11/4/2021 Brooklyn All Hands box 3065

    Location: 3211 Avenue I Fire from the windows 6th floor, 7 story OMD (My first posting of a fire, be easy on me, LOL) 1 occ jumped from window on 1st flr, being evaluated by EMS 2 LSO, 1 IN Opns. Fire is PWH 2 10-45 code 3's and 1 is code 4
  3. DON-UEA03

    Check your Twitter page

    To the admins on this group, check your Twitter page I believe you got spammed about an international lottery thing
  4. DON-UEA03

    New guy from Pittsburgh

    Hello all from Pittsburgh!  Former volunteer firefighter/EMT for 15 years and current dispatcher for 3 paging services. I have been really into FDNY a lot lately. I have the nycfirewire app on my phone and totally enjoy it. Just on here to see what's going on and maybe get some more knowledge of...