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    December 7, 1941 PEARL HARBOR...NEVER FORGET !

    May they all continue to Rest in Peace.
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    Ladder/ Rescue Companies

    Sometime after 2001 Ladders 132 and 170 were added in Brooklyn.
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    To All Members and their families, I wish you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Let us give thanks for all we have, for our loved ones and for the family and friends who have passed on.
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    But remember, when 15 gets a job it's usually a bitch. I remember when companies like 105 and 102 would interchange with lower Manhattan trucks and pick up a job. They would always say what a tough fire it was.
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    DC Jonas's Division 7 Newsletter October - November 2021

    I worked a couple of blocks up Broad Street from Fraunces Tavern and still remember the sound of the explosion. One of my company's admins was having lunch there when it happened. Fortunately she was not injured, just really shaken up.
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    Thank you Dan for all your efforts and your stories. Can't wait!
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    Chief, sorry for your loss. May he Rest in Peace. May his families at home and on the job be comforted.
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    What is the cabin of a fire truck called

    As I remember, it was either "the back" or "the cab", not to be confused with "the phone booth". No one rode "the back step" on a truck, only on an engine.
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    Knox hat factory fire

    Crown Heights. 280/132 are first due.
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    Rescue 1

    A rose by any other name is still rose
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    Rescue 1

    I saw somewhere on here, I think, that Seagrave is not a single source provider for rescue apparatus (i.e. Seagrave builds the cab and chassis and another builder builds the box). The city has required a single source provider for apparatus since Hurricane Sandy
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    Hmmm . . .

    Thanks for posting this......I think I rode with that guy back in the day
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    10-26-62...MASPETH FIRE 6 LODDs.

    Continued Rest in Peace to the six men lost that night. May their families at home and on the job continue to find comfort.
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    10/24/21 Brooklyn All-Hands Box 3943

    280/132 had several 3-9-4-0 series and 3-9-5-0 series boxes that we responded to and when these came in over the bells they did not throw us off, we were used to them.
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    23rd Street Collapse

    L-132 had two former members of L-3 assigned as Lieutenants. One of them, PC, was working in E-5 that night on a 30 day detail prior to his promotion to Lieutenant. He told us Nick's story. Indeed the FDNY could have lost more that night. Never Forget.
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    23rd Street Collapse

    Rest in Peace, Nick
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    October 17, 1966

    On the 55th Anniversary of the 23rd Street Fire may those lost that night continue to Rest in Peace. May their families at home and on the job continue to find comfort. May we Never Forget.
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    Change to NYC Building Codes

    Vertical lumber yards?
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    10/2/21,Brooklyn 10-75 Box 820

    5-5-5-5 Captain John Dunne Ladder175 - Brooklyn Box 820 - March 27, 1971. Continued Rest in Peace Captain Dunne. Comfort for your families at home and on the job.
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    We!come Sid