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    Chief Jonas' Newsletter

    To All, Does anyone have a copy of Chief Jonas' Newsletter from July 2016 covering the fire on E 22nd St (55-608)? Thanks, Jim
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    FDNY Book by John Dwyer

    To All, Was this book ever published? I came across the title and a tentative date of 2016 while looking at pictures of Mr. Dwyer's website "Those Were The Days" Photography by John G. Dwyer Please let me know, thanks to all Jim Boyle (aka 1261truckie)
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    Motherless Brooklyn - LODD - Rest in Peace Michael Davidson

    From another site
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    The Telephone Company Fire

    Rest in Peace to those lost as a result of this fire 45 years ago. Thought and prayers to those who suffer because of it.
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    Political Advertisement

    I just saw a Bloomberg ad featuring Tom Brick's (RIP) mother. Is this ad on the level? Did (and does) Bloomberg maintain contact with the Brick family? I'm out in the Pacific Northwest and am removed from the East Coast. And, I am not looking to stir anything up, just curious about the accuracy...
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    December 16, 1960 59 years ago, remember it like it was yesterday. Continued Rest in Peace to those who were lost that day. God bless those who responded to the box (1231). I remember hearing the stories from members of 132 who...
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    I just saw, on another site, that Jill Freedman has passed away at age 79. The photographer of the book "Firehouse", she had a real talent for her craft and took many great photos especially of the members of the Big House and the Harlem Hilton. There were many iconic images in the book. She...
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    FDNY Ladder42 Centennial Book

    Does anyone know how I could get a Ladder 42 Centennial Book? Please let me know. Thanks in advance Jim (aka 1261)
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    Former Fire Commissioner Charles Hynes

    From another site: "It  is  with  deep  regret  that  the  Department  announces  the  death  of  former  Fire  Commissioner, Charles Joseph Hynes, which occurred on January 29, 2019.  Hynes  was  born  and  raised  in  the  Flatbush  section  of  Brooklyn.    He  attended  St. ...
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    October 17, 1966

    Continued Rest in Peace to the 12 members lost on that date. Continued thoughts and prayers for their families who are still with us and who have passed on. Continued thoughts and prayers for the members who responded to and worked at the Wonder Drug Store and for the houses that lost those men
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    Ladder 123 Centennial Book

    I was wondering if anyone has seen a Ladder 123 Centennial Book for sale. If you have seen one or know of one please send me a PM. Thanks
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    38 Years Ago

    From another site: It was June 27, 1980, when Rescue 3 firefighter Larry Fitzpatrick and Ladder 28 firefighter Gerry Frisby died in a rope disaster in Harlem. ?Gerry was trapped on the seventh floor and about to jump. Larry was lowered to Gerry and when he wrapped his arms around him, ?The...
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    Eagle Emlems

    Is Eagle Emblems still in business? I've tried to access their website several times recently with no success. Is it me?
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    October 16, 1970

    Another anniversary of the rescue on Adelphi Street in Brooklyn. Rest in Peace to the participants who are no longer with us. Continued thoughts and prayers for the families and friends at home and on the job.
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    Canvas or Rubber

    For those of us would were around before Bunker Gear: What kind of turnout coat did you wear - Canvas or Rubber? I wore a canvas turnout coat because I thought it to be more durable than rubber. It had been modified by a guy on Blake and Rockaway Avenues in Brooklyn who put on a larger collar...
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    My wife gave me Chief Calderone's latest book Seagrave Rearmounts of the FDNY for my birthday. It is a good read and a good effort on the Chief's part. Brought back many memories of the early 70's. To me, the Seagrave Rearmounts were one of the symbols of the war years, especially with the...
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    Ladder 108/Engine 216

    Around 1983 CBS did a show on L-108/E-216. It was one of those shown locally on Sunday mornings and was about a half hour in length. Does have a link to the video, or does anyone know where a link can be found? Thanks.
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    June 17, 2001

    Continued Rest in Peace to Harry Ford, Brian Fahey and John Downing. Thoughts and prayers for your families at home and on the job.
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    Boston's New Rearmounts

    I saw Boston received two new E-One rearmounts (here's a link to a photo ). Aluminum body and aerial with single rear axle. I'd be curious to know how these news rigs are regarded by the companies receiving them.
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    Prayers Needed - Captain Joseph "Uncle Joe" Abruzzo

    From another site:  "Please keep him in your Prayers.....tough operation today ...doing ok then back to chemo & rehab." Capt. Abruzzo, a "war years warrior", was a Lieutenant in L-108 and long time Captain of L-132