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  1. raybrag

    2 Alarm Apartment Fire Newport News VA 7/1/2020
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    3 Alarm Blaze Destroys Amazon Distribution Center in Redlands CA
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    Australian (???) Fire hose Specs

    With apologies to our mates from Down Under . . . the title of the thread is what it was called where I found it. Credit to Adam Boksz for finding and posting it . . .
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    Multiple firefighters injured in vehicle-carrying ship fire in Blount Island Florida
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    I Don't Understand

    David Patrick Underwood, a Federal Protective Service OFFICER was shot and killed last Friday night by "protesters" outside the Oakland, California court house. Why are there no demonstrations protesting his murder? He was a black man just like George Floyd was. Did he have any less right to...
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    Painter, VA Massive Residential Fire May 23-24

    Fire on Virginia's Eastern Shore destroyed a large home in this sparsely populated region. Departments from Painter, Melfa, Wachapreague, Exmore, Onancock, Tasley, Nassawadox, Parksley and Bloxom as well as the Virginia Dept. of Forestry responded...
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    South Padre Island TX Massive Condominium Fire
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    Earling, Iowa Gas Station Explosion & Fire Injures 2

    Earling is about an hour's drive east of Omaha . . .
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    Grand-Daddy of NYC EMS

    In 1869, Dr. Edward B. Dalton was hired to the position of Sanitary Superintendent of New York City. He had been what would be called in today's world a hospital administrator during the Civil War, in charge of a sprawling 200 acre, 1200 tent  hospital along the James River outside of Richmond...
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    Explosion & Fire at Jay, Maine Paper Mill
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    Latest FDNY Drone??????

    Sorry . . . I don't have permission to post this . . . but I had to. TL33 at the 3d in the Bronx; Steve Spak got an absolutely great photo in my opinion.  Looks like they're floating above the fire.
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    FDNY's First Motorized Apparatus

    Thanks to William Groenemann and WNYF's First issue of 1997, here's Ladder 6's 1912 Webb 75' aerial . . . the first motorized apparatus FDNY purchased.  Tillered, but not articulated.
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    Paris 2/28: Major Fire Outside Gare de Lyon Train Station
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    Carson, CA (LA County)"Massive" Refinery Fire 2/25/20
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    Indianapolis: Tanker Overturns, Sets I-70 Overpass on Fire
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    Gwinnett GA (Atlanta area) Multiple Fatalities & Huge Fire on I-85

    Tanker truck swerved into median wall & burst into flames, 8500 gal of fuel spilled.
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    1938 Fireboat Radio Check . . . WNYF: First FDNY Radio, Set up for Marine Units

    FDNY set up a two-way radio system in 1936 to communicate with its marine units.  This recording is from 1938; a roll call of marine units.  Thanks to Jerry Fischer (Da Shops, retired) for finding and posting this on Facebook . . ...
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    Helicopter Rescue from LA High Rise Fire 1/29/20 Videos here...
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    Houston TX Manufacturing Plant Explosion 1/24/20
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    Baiersbronn, Germany Major Fire Destroys 5-Star Black Forest Hotel