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    7/23/20 Staten Island MVA/HazMat

    There's a reason why it's not a truck route ... I guess the driver will find that out after a couple of summonses
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    Disbanded units

    Certain they will breaking out that list of 20 companies that were saved a few years ago which I believe included E157 and 161 on SI
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    5/29/2020 Staten Island Radio Frequency

    I think they are back on the normal channel
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    5/23/20 Staten Island 3rd Alarm Box 0096

    242 was acting someone for the Tottenville job then sent to biopod... 153 was acting 151 then directed to 158 .... and I think 165 was assigned on the 3rd
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    Tower Ladder 160

    New 160 rig seen heading Brooklyn-bound Staten Island Expwy around 8:15 this morning
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    242 at 241

    Just noticed today that 242 is in a cage alongside 241/109... don't know how long this has been in effect