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    Son of Fallen FDNY FF makes NHL Debut

    Yes....47 Engine and 275 Engine. Rest in Peace, Paulie....Go Anthony!!
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    1/6/22 Manhattan All Hands Box 418

    Yes...11 Truck is definitely 3rd due to 418. Strange assignment....I can remember standing on the apron and seeing a job that we did not respond to on the initial box. Before the FAST truck was in existence we went on the second. Even stranger is that 28/11's home box is 419.
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    Baudon "cookie" malmbeck L114 FDNY

    Sad news. Got to know Cookie through the retirees association down here in Brevard County. Always fun to be around, always enjoyed marching in our little St Patrick's Day parade down here. As you said, TEM....he was very proud of his time in 114. Really good guy...I'll miss him. Rest in...
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    No tem...He was a distinguished graduate of Fort Pitt...18 truck. Really great guy, quiet, humble...strong as a bull. Very sad. Rest in Peace, Pat.
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    8/25/21 Queens All Hands Box 5688

    Always had a lot of respect for 165...excellent truck company. Terrific chauffeurs. Never quite got the rationale for laying the aerial on the front porch. They did it a lot back then as well. Felt it would tie me up too long. 133 preferred a couple of small portables to the porch, and if you...
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    5/27/21 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 8642

    Vipers definitely first due on the ticket. Tough box to beat them me, I Stay safe.
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    2/12/2021 Queens All Hands Box 8652

    Tiny little run down looking attached flat roof pd's. Had quite a few jobs would be roaring on arrival. First one I went to in there, I actually sized it up and put my 2nd due stick to the roof 3 or 4 occupancies down. Figured that's where the egress off the roof was gonna end up...
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    2/2/21 Queens 10-75 Box 4388

    Boy that's brutal. I realize being the FAST truck is something most don't love but is necessary in today's job. But being FAST (135) then seeing YOUR relocator (127) walk past you and go to work would drive me crazy. Just sayin'.
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    12/30/20 Queens 10-77 Box 4798

    Happy New Year, Greg. All the best to you and the family.
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    12/30/20 Queens 10-77 Box 4798

    Maps can be deceiving. 275/133 make a left outta quarters onto Merrick then a quick right on 93rd , left on 170...boom. First in. 298/127 have to take Hillside past either 173 or 175 to get across Jamaica. When I was driving 133 and one of those boxes came in, I knew we were getting in...
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Excellent companies both. Terrific, aggressive chauffeurs in 165. Needless to say, we in 133 truck weren't their favorite people...newcomers and all. One very early morning we caught a job in a PD with first due. I had my stick up to the attic window and had gone in to make a...
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    10/11/20 Manhattan 10-77 Box 433

    Believe me, 28/11 first due box. Under the heading of "ya never know on this job"....many years ago, in the course of maybe a year/year and a half...433 would come in as a phone alarm.. 60 Ave D...apt 2B as in boy. Always a 92. Always. Until it wasn't. One day around 3 pm....433...reported...
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    9/21/20 Manhattan 10-75 Box 0434

    This is the 6th street I remember. "This land is ours. Not for sale". Hmm...guess it was for sale.
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    Prayers for the Bendick family. May Tara Rest In Peace.
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    8/14/20 Queens 10-75 Box 9821

    Not sure when the box came in, but if it was before 1800 the van might be to effect relief. Just a guess.
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    7/24/20 Queens 10-75 Box 5043

    Hey Greg! Hope all is well, my friend. Thought of you a few days ago when I asked a Met fan friend of mine if I’d be a bad person if I wished a cough on Jacob Nothing serious, of course...just a little cough. He reminded me of you when he told me to go eff myself along with all the...
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    7/24/20 Queens 10-75 Box 5043

    Hmmm....second due huh? Fly around the bend on 180....past Bricktown....right on Liberty. Sounds like first due to Just sayin'.
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    Oh Those Busy Fourth of Julys

    Off the top of my head, I’d say I worked 25 July 4 night tours. Always made myself available for a mx that night...always among the busiest of the year. Many, many memories..great times. I do have a question for Chief K. I believe it was my last 4th in 11 probably 98. Things had...