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    Dennis Smith, RIP

    Rest in peace Dennis.
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    Thanks for posting that.
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    I have a tool list for rescue-1, there is a tool called Z-IRON'S can any one tell me what this is and what it would be and how this is used?
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    1/18/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm 10-60 Box 2335

    On the run down, What is RM-1?
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    F.D.N.Y. Crane

    Yes that's it thanks for the info.
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    F.D.N.Y. Crane

    Seen in a video of inside the shop's and seen a make with what looked to be a crane on it. Is this a new special unit, or a rig used by the shops?
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    Rescue 1

    I can't believe that they had gone with Ferrara angin.
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    Squad Support Truck

    When did F.D.N.Y. organize Squad 8??? Do you mean squad 18?
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    Trombone tool

    I have heard of the term trombone tool but can anyone tell me what it is and what it is used for?
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    New 75ft towers

    Other then tower ladder 45,115 Has any other company received new rigs to replace their 2006 towers? 
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    Air carts

    Is the soc using a new type of air cart system that is in a yellow pelican box? I had seen a pic of squad 61 and 270 compartments and seen this.
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    Kelly cart

    Can anyone tell what the Kelly cart is and what it is used for?
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    Soc support unit

    I have seen pics of the old high way response unit 159 now marked as special operations support unit. Is this a new soc unit or does it have another purpose within the soc?
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    Visiting NYC

    Going to be in nyc next weekend and like to know if anyone can tell me what subway or bus i can take to the following houses. Rescue 4 Squad 270 Rescue 5 Engine 165 Thanks.
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    Weekend at the intrepid

    Any one know the date for fdny day at the intrepid this year?
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    Apparatus destroyed by sandy

    I think this has been asked already but does anyone have a run down of all the apparatus that was destroyed by flooding?
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    Inch worm

    I have heard of this term for a piece of Equipment used by Rescue and Squads called an inch worm. Can any one tell me what this is and what does it get used for?
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    Tablet Computers

    I have seen pictures of differant fires in New York City and have seen Battalion, Deputy Chiefs and Chiefs Aides holding and using Tablet Computers. They look like the ones made by Panasonic. What do the Chiefs and Aides use these for?
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    Battalion Vehicles

    What kind of equipment do the new Battalion Vehicles carry? Also Battalion Vehicles such as the SOC Battalion, Safety and Haz-Mat! What do they carry on with them any special equipment?
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    Visited Rescue 1 this past July and seen that they are using a Genesis and a TNT  rescue tool and was told that they have been using it for a while now. Is this going to be the start of changing over to Genesis or TNT over Hurst or are they the only company using a differant tool?