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    A Fire Truck With Eyes

    That's the new Willy D fire engine. It is self driving hence the eyes. All so that Willy D can take a nap when it goes on a run.
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    News of Members

    Probably not Joe but you got to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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    News of Members

    Welcome aboard Stoch. We expect plenty of Willy D stories both good and bad.
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    News of Members

    Prayers Doug. Get well soon.
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    Yeah, you're right Ray. Those other three guys definitely need a designated driver.
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    How come the Irishman does not have a cold beverage in his hand like the other three gentlemen?
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    Ponder this....

    Primary brake cylinder and secondary brake cylinder........🚑
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    News of Members

    Today is site member CFDMarshall's birthday. He is best known here as the Reverend or just Rev. So Happy Birthday Rev! Have a great day,
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    LODD Detective Garda Colm Horkan, County 6/17/20 Roscommon - Ireland

    May Detective Horkan Rest in Peace. Prayers and comfort for his family.
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    Continued Rest in Peace.
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    News of Members

    Rest in Peace Jack. Godspeed.
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    News of Members

    Gentlemen, thank you for the birthday wishes. They are greatly appreciated.
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    News of Members

    Come on Joe, darken the hair a bit. I wasn't born with white hair.
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    News of Members

    Ray, Willy says you're an "Old Goat".
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    Possible apparatus damaged in riots

    I saw on another site that said L-59 was damaged by bricks.
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    News of Members

    First of all, did your lady friends have their glasses on? Secondly, we have seen photos of your lady friends. And last but definitely not last, I am decades younger than those two gentlemen you mentioned and I have not needed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery. I am the...
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    News of Members

    Come on Ray. I'm better looking than Willy.
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    My younger Buff years

    The "Salty" guys are looking for a certain chief to come on the show.
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    Johnny, I forgot to add that Willy D had tried this product and look at the end result . A giant egg with teeth!
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    Nice job with 28/11, Joe.