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    Temporary FDNY Ambulances 20xx?

    The Bus of Death
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    Could COVID-19 Recession Lead to More Fires?

    Here's my thinking.  It appears Covid 19 will cause a lot of businesses to close and a lot of people to loose their homes.  With these additional vacant properties, do you think they will be a target for either arson for profit or pyros?
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    Any protocols related to treatment and PPE for possible COVID19 patients?
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    Communications Engine assignment.

    Communications Engine - what is their function/duties?
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    FDNY Operational Reference book

    If you have a serious interest in the FDNY, there is no better "investment" you can make than the purchase of a copy of the book Fire Department of New York - Operational Reference.  The best $30 I ever spent! I'm not affiliated in any way with the book.  I just find it indespensible and wanted...
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    ALF Quint with Rear Mount Tower

    Over the years, I've run across a pic or two of this 'odd ball' rig assigned to Ladder Co. 14.  I assume it was a one off, but I've never heard any story behind it.  Anyone? I apologize if this has already been discussed. A link to a pic on flickr