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    Tropical Storm "Isaias"

    Many members of have been affected by tropical storm "Isaias" along the east coast. Some are still without power and others felt the effects of serious water damage from this storm. Our own site owner, Lt Tommy Bendick's area has been hard hit and power may not be back for a few...
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    Controversary Thread REMOVED

    Members of, perhaps some of you saw the recent topic titled: "Here is Practical Explanation About Next Life' etc., in the General Discussion section by "Dara". The first evening that it appeared, I was contacted by one of our frequent contributors to this site asking about it's...
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    Neighbors save life of a runner

    Sometimes things happen for a purpose. In this case one neighbor was home because she had cancelled her trip because of Covid19. Another neighbor was working from home because of Covid19. One lady was at home cleaning out her garage. But because of that, a man is alive today and because of...
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    Historic fireboat on display in New London, Ct

    FDNY Historic Fireboat is on display in New London, Ct
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    Requesting User Name Change

    Members of, we still have members that would like to go back to their "USER NAMES" - BEFORE - the new site change had to be made. Our Boss, FDNY Lt Tommy Bendick, who owns and runs this web site certainly does his best to keep things running smoothly and keep us all happy. He does...
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    Find Raiser for NYPD 10 Pct

    Members of this site, over the last couple of weeks I have been in discussion with Frank M., "manhattan", about a fund raiser that he is setting up for the members of NYPDs 10th Pct. As many of us know, Frank has been involved in the annual Father Judge Memorial Walk, and also has organized the...
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    Upcoming News and Review of

    Members of, "Thank you for making this web site what it is". Without "your" contributions, it wouldn't be what it is today. I do have some news to pass onto you. Recently, this site owner, FDNY Lt Tommy Bendick, has been looking into a new web site server (I guess that's what...
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    Providence RI Fourth of July Fires - 1980s

    Providence, RI like the FDNY, on the Fourth of July, fires would be seen burning throughout the city in the 1980s. Every Fourth of July the city would plan for a very busy night of fires with dozens of car fires, rubbish fires and building fires. Many of those building fires would be started in...
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    Providence FD Safety & Survival Conference

    The Providence Fire Department is sponsering its "2020 Safety and Survival Conference" at Rhode Island College in Providence on October 17 - 18th. Additional info can be found at the following: 
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    The Busiest in FDNY/EMS History

    During this Coronavirus, aka COVID-19 Pandemic, the FDNY/EMS faced it's busiest time in History. Sadly, the FDNY/EMS has lost Four of their Active Members due to this coronavirus pandemic. Those members are:   1) Active FDNY/EMS member Richard Seaberry   2) Active FDNY/EMS member Iris Bey...
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    Bologna Fridays with the Moron Brothers

    As members of this site, I am sure that you are all familiar with "Johnny Gages - Throwback Thursday's". Every Thursday Mr Gage contributes to this site photos and questions of the week pertaining to our Happy Days of the past. So many of us following along the simple joys that we all still...
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    Desperate For Relief

    The FDNY/EMS has always been on the frontlines saving lives every day in our largest city in the country. But never before have they had to face conditions like this. Putting themselves, as well as their family members, in danger. Yet despite it all, they continue to serve. Millions of...
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    Thoughts of Our Time

    In these very difficult days of dealing with Coronavirus, aka "COVID-19", we have to follow the advice of the experts. As we have heard so many times; stay at home, keep your distance, and wash your hands. The staying at home and keeping our distance has certainly changed our lifestyles as we...
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    Anybody who has been a part of firehouse life knows that the firehouse members consist of a group of characters, all with their own personalities. In fact it has often been said that many times, guys in the same firehouse know more about each other than their own family members or spouse knows...
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    The World will surely Change

    The World as we once knew it will surely change after this Coronavirus, aka COVID19, thing. As a country we seemed to be MORE FOCUSED on protecting criminals rights. Taking basics like the pledge of allegiance out of the classroom. Banning prayer or any kind of religious expression in our...
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    Photos, Videos, etc have returned

    For some concerned members of this site, several photos, videos and even audios, had disappeared from various topics posted on this site. They were very special because they told a story in themselves. They highlighted the individual topic. A few days ago I was able to contact the BOSS...
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    Johnny - "This One's For YOU"

    I think it is certainly safe to say that we have all enjoyed the great stories on here by our good friend, Mr Johnny Gage, aka Dan P. So Johnny, in appreciation for your excellent contribution to us; "this ones for you".
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    :Providence, R.I. AGING/FAILING Fire Apparatus

    About two years ago, a few members of this site made a trip to Providence, RI where we were given a tour of the city and its fire apparatus. At that time, a few of the guys on the tour made the comment of "the apparatus being in pretty bad shape". The Providence, R.I. Fire Dept is one of the...
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    MOTOWN REVUE 1960s to 1970s

    Following the very popular Doo Wop Music of the 1950s came another very popular music called "Motown". Motown began around 1960 and ran into the 1970s. There were many very popular Motown Hits that went to the top of the charts from various Motown Singers or groups. Although some of the...
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2020

    January, 2020 Fire Activity: Staten Island:   1/19 - 2nd Alarm - Box 3254   1/20 - 5th Alarm - Box 4333 Queens:   1/5 - 4th Alarm - Box 2089   1/9 - 3rd Alarm - Box 7135   1/16 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1998   1/17 - 2nd Alarm - Box 3173   1/17 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1413 Manhattan:   1/1 - 2nd Alarm...