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  1. raybrag

    8/6/20 Queens 10-75 Box 1365

    Pure guess . . . at 20 kt, about an hour. Top speed of that boat is 40 kt . . . . but it would be crazy to think they could do that responding to this incident. 20 kt might be too high. M3 is much closer.
  2. raybrag

    Tropical Storm "Isaias"

    Uncle Willy was right . . . we were directly in the path of the storm, and the eye passed over us at around 7:30 Tuesday morning. We were without power until Wednesday night around 9 (thank god for backup generators . . . best money we ever spent). We have a lot of trees in our yard, and many...
  3. raybrag

    New Seagraves

    mine got as high as 4.2 while I was in the hospital, but it's now back down to 1.5 . . . just barely in normal range.
  4. raybrag

    New Seagraves

    Good to see you back in the saddle, Doug! I know what kidney failure can do . . . went thru my own episode with it a couple of years ago. May your creatinine drop!
  5. raybrag

    Controversary Thread REMOVED

    I've been incommunicado due to Isaias, but please be sure that I thoroughly appreciate everything you do, Loot T. 👍
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    Worcester,MA 4 Alarm Warehouse Fire 7/29/2020

    6 Worcester FFs were killed on Dec 3, 1999 in a cold storage warehouse fire. Code 3 did a memorial engine in their memory. For a department the size of Worcester, that's a HUGE loss.
  7. raybrag

    7/29/20 Manhattan 10-77 Box 1588

    Wakee, wakee, Brad! :cool: o_O :rolleyes: :eek:
  8. raybrag

    7/26/20 Manhattan All Hands 10-77 Box 1054

    World's most expensive water fountain. ;)
  9. raybrag

    San Francisco, CA 5-Alarm Multiple Commercial Building Fire
  10. raybrag

    News of Members

    Or maybe the doubt of the benefits?
  11. raybrag

    News of Members

    Thinking of you, Doug.(y)🚒🆗
  12. raybrag

    News of Members

    Welcome to the looney bin, Stoch. One of the few places around where somebody of Willy D's rank and experience gets treated just like (or maybe worse than) a proby. :rolleyes: ;) :eek: And Dan (Johnny Gage)'s posts make super reading, along with most of the topics in the History section.
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    News of Members

    Mr. Dennis: Please, when referring to me, use my proper title: that "ANCIENT AS DIRT raybrag guy". Thank you. :cool::po_O
  14. raybrag

    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    Fire was declared out today, but all personnel were removed from the ship due to its dangerous list (probably due to fire fighting water).
  15. raybrag

    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    The Navy tugs which have been seen in various photos and videos of the incident on the other hand, each have two 2,000 gpm Stang monitors, so they have more fire fighting capability than the SFFD boat. Photo by Navymailman.
  16. raybrag

    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    San Diego doesn't have a "large" fire boat. Their Marine 3 is their biggest. It has two 1200 gpm monitors, and is assigned to SDFD's Lifeguard Division. photo courtesy
  17. raybrag


    Amen, Willy. And thanks, Dan. I still say you should write a book . . . you pretty much already have, if you'd put all of your posts together.
  18. raybrag

    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    I hate to see this. Can't help remembering the USS Constellation fire. Hope it's nowhere near that bad. :confused:
  19. raybrag

    News of Members

    'Course if you notice, Willy . . . there's nothing coming out of the nozzle . . . helmet takes 100% of the engine's capacity . :rolleyes: o_O:cool:
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    News of Members

    Someone told me this was Willy D's solution to hot weather . . .