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    6/26/20: Two Alarm house fire- New London, CT

    New London FD responded to a house fire at 26 Prospect Street. Heavy fire was seen on the upper floors of a 3 1/2 story wood frame dwelling. All NLFD units responded and then additional assistance was provided by units from Waterford and Poquonnock Bridge FDs. A FAST team from the Sub Base FD...
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    Bridgeport FD Changes

    Just read on another site that the Bridgeport (CT) FD is going through many changes in the next few days. It seems they hired many folks back in 1980s. Now many have large numbers of years of service. The list I saw mentioned the Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshal, 3 Assistant Chiefs, Fire...
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    5/13/20: Ledyard, CT- Two alarm brush fire

    Gales Ferry and Ledyard FDs operating a large brush fire with several houses near by.  Multiple mutual aid and tankers requested. Fire on Terry Drive and Maid Marion Drive. Tankers from Poquetanuck, Griswold, East Great Plain, Old Lyme, Oakdale, and Wequetquock.  Tanker and Brush Truck from...
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    5/12/20:BKLYN: 10-75-864

    883 Herkimer Street off Buffalo Avenue Shed fire according to B 37; using 2 & 2 with the rest fast. B 37- transmit 10-75. E 227, 214, 233  L 111, 176  R 2  SQ 252  B 37 E 222, L 123 FT , B 38, D 15 @1657: B 37- fire in a one story attached garage.  No extention. B37: need Con Ed to...
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    4/25/20: BKLYN: All Hands Box 1095

    All Hands Box 1095 fire on the second floor of an OMD located at 211 Crown Street, Rogers/Nostrand Avenues. If available: E 249, 280, 234, 248  L 113, 132  L 123FT  SQ1  R2  B 41  D 15.
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    4/19/20: BKLYN: All Hands Box 2310

    B41 operated with all hands at box 2310 for a fire at 354 East 53rd Street, Church and Snyder Avenues. Could be: E 310, 283, 248, 257    L 174, 170  B 41, B 58, SQ252, R 2, D 15 Second job for some of these companies today.
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    4/19/20: Ledyard, CT- Working structure fire

    Ledyard and Gales Ferry FDs operating at a working structure fire at 532 Lantern Hill Road.  Additional units plus tankers requested. Additional units: Old Mystic: G-67 Fast, Engine G 62  North Stonington:  Engine H-11, Tanker H-12 Tankers: Wequetequock: T-34,  Center Groton: G 72...
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    Riding question

    I remember back when I was riding the back step it could be fairly scary at times.  With the condition of the streets, there were many times when your feet were not on the back step; instead, you would find yourself in mid-air.  The brothers all helped each other but putting an arm around the...
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    3/16/20: BKLYN: ALL HANDS BOX 1556

    B 41 operated with all hands at box 1556 for a fire at 600 Ocean Avenue, near Albemarle Road. Fire on the 3rd floor of a 6 brick 25 x 65. Could be : Toss up between E 248 or E 281 first due, L 147, probably E 255 and L 157.
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    Fireboat repairs

    Once again, an FDNY fireboat is at a dock in New London, CT for repairs.  It is either the "343" or "Firefighter II".  I believe the last time it was the "343" and it stayed in drydock for a very long time.
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    1/24/20: Groton, CT- Apartment House Fire

    Fire reported on top floor of a 3 story apartment house on Thames Street, near Latham Street, City of Groton. Response: City of Groton: Engine G11, G21, Tower Ladder G15 Added: Poquonnock Bridge: Engine G32 and Sub Base FD: Ladder N65. Groton EMS, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Paramedic...
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    Three alarm house fire- Stonington, CT 1/18/20

    The Wequetequock FD responded to a structure fire at 983 Stonington Road at Greenhaven Road.  Fire was in a 1 1/2 story frame house with attached garage.  Two Wequetequock engines and two Wequetequock tankers responded to the scene.  The house was fully involved.  The IC requested one engine...
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    1/2/20: Two alarm fire- Westerly, RI

    A fire began from an unattended candle in a first floor apartment at 122 Cross Street, Westerly.  The occupant tried to extinguish the fire and it spread.  The large complex is home to many elderly residents many of whom used motorized wheel chairs for mobility.  The initial response was Engines...
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    FDNY fireboat in New London, CT 11/30/19

    I posted on an old thread on 10/23/19 that an FDNY fireboat was in dry dock in New London, CT.  It is either the 343 or Firefighter II.  It is still there as of Thanksgiving.  Anyone which boat is missing from NY harbor?  It seems as if it has been in CT for a very long time.
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    10/14/19: Westerly, RI- Fatal House Fire

    The Westerly (RI) Fire Department responded to a reported house fire at 54 Tum-A-Lum Circle just after 4PM.  Arriving units found a heavy smoke condition coming from a 2 1/2 story wood frame dwelling. Fire eventually went through the roof and the interior of the house was totally destroyed.  The...
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    10/4/19: Brooklyn: All Hands Box 2387

    B 58 operated with all hands for multiple cars on fire at 1410 Ralph Avenue.  Very close to fire a few days ago at Preston Court and E 56 Street for same thing. Fire under control at the all hands. Could be: E 310, 257, 323  L 174, 170 B 58
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    7/24/19: Pawcatuck, CT- Roof Collapse- Hazmat Incident

    The Pawcatuck FD responded to a reported roof collapse at 12 River Road.  Arriving units found half on the roof on a 50x80 vacant building had collapsed into the building.  A tower ladder was set up to examine the collapse.  The roof came down on top of a boat stored in the building; there were...
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    6/21/19: North Stonington, CT- working house fire

    North Stonington (CT) FD responded to a reported house fire at 320 Providence-New London Turnpike (Rt. 184) just east of CT Rt. 49.  Upon arrival, units found heavy fire in the house.  Tankers were requested plus a full first alarm assignment.  Mutual aid responded and operated.  Fire was...
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    "Harry the Bag"

    Do any old timers out there remember "Harry the Bag?"  He was a portly gentleman who made the rounds of FDNY firehouses with a very large satchel full of everyday items like shaving cream, batteries, snacks, shoe laces, etc.  He would walk in a offer items for sale to the brothers.  You never...
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    6/12/19:BKLYN: All Hands Box 3700

    B 41 operated with all hands at Box 3700 for a kitchen fire at 333 Lenox Road, near East 34 Street.  Fire was under control at the all hands. Could be: E 248, 249 310  L 113, 174  B 41 Second truck and third engine could be E 255/L 157; very close call.