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    3/22/2020 All Hands under control

    B21 used All hands under control  one line stretched for a fire in a laundromat Tomkins and Lynhurst Should be E 152, 153, 160, 155 L 77, 81  78 Fast B21
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    Westfield NJ Flashover
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    Dispatchers Question --- relocations

    i know there are some dispatchers on here like frank etc..... just wondering how relocations work, watchlines work etc how do you guys pick who gets relocated where?  (recomendations from computer?) how is it decided when companies go to do a watch line..... example the 3-6am shift lol...
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    all hands box 329

    Broadway @ Broome st eng 55 24 33 7 lad 20 8    5 fast sq 18 r 1 b2, b1 extra eng 6,  extra truck 6 extra truck 1 extra truck 4 "ladder 20 to manhattan,  10-75 the box, fire out 3 windows"
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    3/28/11 Huguenot Second Alarm

    box 4622  Huguenot ave & Chester st Private Dwelling 131 swaim ave E 164,167,168,162 L 84,87,  82 fast sq1 r5 div8 b22 2nd???? E 151,154,165,63 L 76
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    Bayonne NJ Mutual aid 12/18, Marine 9, Marine 1

    HEARD MARINE 9 GO, AND MARINE 1 WENT, THEN CAME BACK AND WENT BACK OVER WHEN THE FIRE TOOK OFF AGAIN.  MARINE 6 FOR RELIEF AT 1900 FROM NJ.COM Fire at old warehouse on the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor Enlarge Joe Shine/For The Jersey Journal The fire in an old warehouse across from the...
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    Collapse at Cromwell Center

    'Major' collapse at Staten Island's Cromwell Center; no injuries reported By Staten Island Advance May 26, 2010, 2:50PM Photo courtesy of Marilyn MillerA collapse at the Cromwell Center in Tompkinsville left a corner of the building in the water.STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A "major" collapse of the...