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    1/10/13 Queens Barge Fire Box 7216

    30-27 Greenpoint ave off of newtown creek E229 L138 Acting L115 M1 M6 B35 R4 additional:TL163 B35 requesting 2 cold water rescue companies to respond: L110 TL7 Recycled cars on fire, 100ft barge in Newtown creek East river side 15:30 B35: Be advised that M6 is putting water on the fire...
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    1/10/13 Queens 10-75 Box 7371

    9-02 38ave 25*50 2 story frame fire 1st floor rear exp: 1 street 2 lot 3 Unknown 4 street B45 L128 Fast All hands 13:20 13:31 B45: Visible fire knocked down, primaries in progress, trucks are opening up 13:35 Primaries negative PWH assign extra unit for relief D14: 10-41 code 4 Mixer...
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    11/22/12 Queens-All-Hand Box 9506

    63-93 woodhaven blvd Fire in 7 story brick 125*75
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    Did anyone catch what was going on at Astoria park?

    I heard they gave a 10-19 Around 18:50
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    6/24/12 Queens 10-75 Box 0039 LGA - MAIN TERM BLDG

    Delta Terminal Upper level Fire with heavy smoke condition  10-70 was transmitted B49 L154-FAST 17:06 All Hands Squad 41 Replacing Squad??? E312 17:10 B49 Reports, 2 story passenger terminal exp1 driveway, Exp 2 attached, exp3???, exp 4???, Terminal evacuated 1 L/S/O Fire in an x-ray...
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    Today I was at a MVA/PIN? for traffic control at Main st and GCP service road W/B around 12:00. Can anyone provide any more details ie  # of paitents, conditions etc?
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    Any info?

    Saw an engine on the LIE W/B btw 188st and Utopia  truck and car MVA?
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    Hey everyone please check out this video

    Lifeguards at Astoria Pool in Queens, NY doing a spoof of baywatch. Thanks, be safe out there, and happy Halloween :D
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    Edit time?

    Hey everyone... How do I edit my time? It is an hour ahead of what the actual time is.
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    mailbox explosion Fresh Meadows

    I heard a loud explosion around 1:00 this morning 4/8/11 & it turns out it was a confirmed explosion in a mailbox on the corner of 190st and 80st. anyone have the run details?
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    Battalion coverage map

    I know there is Unit location maps, Division maps, but what about Battalion coverage map? I know the coverage areas change from time to time but is it set street boundaries like NYPD or do they overlap? Sorry if this question has been asked a number of times before.
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    Call around 18:15 2/27

    It was on the corner of Union Turnpike and 186st.  From my window I saw at least 1 ladder company and Batt 53 (Although I thought this was the area of Batt 50, unless they were unavailbe) Now there is a con-ed crew there. Any info?
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    Snow Prep?

    I was just woundering, what changes does FDNY,NYPD, and/or EMS make to Apparatus to deal with snow and ice? Do they use special tires, carry de-icing equipment, etc? Also, are responces modified in the snow/ blizzard conditions? Ex. Extra Engines/Trucks, De icing trucks, etc? Thanks
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    Fire at SJU?

    I heard there was a small fire at St.John's University today? I live close by and have friends that go there. Any info?
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    (10-77) All hands box 245 12/14/10

    10-77 box 245 268 E b-way fire 18th floor... CIDS 21 floor  multiple d 127x312 interconnectecd batt 4, Ladder 9 as fast, batt 6 safty officer, E7 cfrd engine, 55 high rise nozzle  & Div1, ppl trapped.
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    FDNY "Cash for Crash" Program

    This has been getting a lot of news today. What does everyone think of this?  ??? Basically FDNY will charge "$490 to respond to a crash or car fire when someone is hurt, $415 for a car fire without injuries and $365 for a crash without injuries." Starting in the summer. Links to the stories...
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    Affirmative vs. 10-4 and the use of "K"

    First let me start of by saying that I am not a member of FDNY, NYPD, or EMS. (I am a NYC lifeguard however.) I have nothing but the highest respect and praise for all the members of all these departments. That being said, in my few years of listening to the scanner I have noticed a general...
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    3-2 response 56th ave around 12:00

    I was just getting out of class to see a 3-2 reaponse on 56th ave. Didn't catch the company #s but I know Batt. 53, E 326 and L160 quarters are right up Springfield blvd @ 64 ave. Any info please?
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    Old box info (pre-2004)

    Can anyone find any info on an old box for me. It was pre 2005... A fire that totally destroyed a dry clearners by my house. The name was Happy Man Cleaners. It was on Union turnpike & Chevy chase St
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    car vs. bus w/ confirmed pin

    anyone catch the location and/or the box #? Around 17:00-17:15