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  1. vbcapt

    Battalion 5 organized

    Around July of 2017 Va. Beach will officially place the 5th Battalion in service. The last time a new Battalion had been organized was around 1986. In about 2 years or so Engine 22 will be organized and placed in service at a new firehouse.
  2. vbcapt

    Vehicle Repeaters

    Are they any vehicles in the FDNY that have radio repeaters installed on them ?
  3. vbcapt

    WNYF Unit Location Charts

    When was the first WNYF unit location chart put out and does anyone have a copy ?
  4. vbcapt

    Run Cards

    Looking for a run card for Brooklyn box 24 if anyone has it or knows someone that may have it. I'm currently refurbishing Box 24 (pull box) that came from DuPont & Franklin Dean-o
  5. vbcapt

    Cairns 5A Leather Helmets (Pre-Crash Cap)

    On the underside of the leather dome is the Cairns metal disk or foil disk. Some of the disks have a small letter on the left side. I was told that this letter indicates the time period when the helmet was produced, anyone know for sure ? If that's the case would anyone here know the times...
  6. vbcapt

    North Carolina LODD

    On 2-3-13, Chief of Dept. Scott Morrison of the Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Dept. died while engaged in fighting a brush fire. Rest In Peace Chief  :'(
  7. vbcapt

    Va. Beach, Va. Replacement Firehouse Groundbreaking

    Last week, crews started work at the site for Engine Co. 4 in Va. Beach. The firehouse will be a 3 bay/2 story building with a slidepole. upstairs will have bunkrooms,bathrooms/showers & the PT room. Downstairs will have a watchroom, Capt's office, living room, kitchen, workroom, storage etc... ...
  8. vbcapt

    4/13/12 Va Beach VA, 2nd Alarm Fire in a Multiple Dwelling

    2308 Beach Haven Dr. Near Shore Dr. Multiple Dwelling Originally came in as a hi-rise fire w/ numerous calls. Fire was next door to a hi-rise. Some calls originated from ships at anchorage in the bay 0519: Engines: 1, 4, 8, 2 Ladders: 1, T. Lad. 8 Squad 3 Battalions: 2 & 1 Safety 1 Car 3...
  9. vbcapt

    3rd Alarm Chesapeake, VA

    Chesapeake FD is currently working a 3rd Alarm, several houses on fire. Va. Beach just sent 3 Engines & 1 Ladder to relocate to Chesapeake firehouses.
  10. vbcapt

    F/A 18 Fighter Jet Crash, Va. Beach, VA

    At about 12:08 an F/A 18 fighter jet crashed into a apartment complex. Both pilots safely ejected. All other info is unknown at this time. I'll try to get a full rundown maybe tomorrow VBFD and the USN are working together under a unified command structure
  11. vbcapt

    Norfolk, Virginia LODD

    It is with great regret to announce the death of Norfolk Firefighter Jonathan ?Johnny? Myers.  Johnny died today at DePaul Medical Center.  He had just finished a training exercise at Norfolk Fire Station 13, he was found by his colleagues in the station bunkroom, unconscious, pulseless,  and...
  12. vbcapt

    The New Puppy

    I figured some of you would get a kick out of this if not, bear with me. The wife and daughter wanted a puppy.. I grumbled for a few days and caved in shortly thereafter. We bounced around a few names,  Jake or Jett was the consensus. I come home from work and my daughter and wife said forget...
  13. vbcapt

    11-9-11 Norfolk, VA Working Fire in a Private Dwelling

    Approx. 13:30 Engs: 10, 11,1 Lads: 10, 1 Battalion 1 Rescue 1 Medic 4 Extra Engine S/C, designation unknown Fire was in a 2 story frame P/D
  14. vbcapt

    10/24/11 Va. Beach, VA Working Fire in a Mobile Home

    A little job we had today in a mobile home while I was on OT. We were assigned as the RIT (FAST)!/photo.php?fbid=10150362734254730&set=a.10150362733974730.367510.126314474729&type=3&theater
  15. vbcapt

    News At The Beach

    Engine Co. 4 & 7 are slated for new firehouses with ground breaking around Dec.-Feb. Engine 4's house is planned to be a 3 bay 2 story facility. Engine 7's house may be a 4 bay 2 story facility. Additionally Ladder 7 is scheduled to become a newly organized ladder Co.
  16. vbcapt

    Advanced Paramedic Curriculum

    Rumor: An instructor at one of our local community colleges is supposed to be attending a seminar regarding instruction of an advanced Paramedic level. I read about this some time ago (Advanced Practice Paramedic) and filled out a survey for the standards making process. Anything like this...
  17. vbcapt

    Looking For A Retired Member

    Any of you fellas know George Ferguson ? My daughter's friend told me that he's her grandfather, he's retired FDNY and lives in Queens
  18. vbcapt

    NYC/NJ Area Tolls

    Has anyone heard about some of the tolls at NYC/NJ bridges/tunnels going up almost double of what they are now ?
  19. vbcapt

    Battalion Chief Kline (FDNY)

    Battalion Chief Kline (FDNY Ret.) passed away about 1 week ago here in Va. Beach. Chief Kline was a resident in a assisted living facility in VBFD Engine 10/Squad 10's first due area. Everytime Engine 10 or Squad 10 would respond to the facility for a Fire or EMS run Chief Kline would greet...
  20. vbcapt

    5-23-11 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire in a Private Dwelling

    1444 Diamond Springs Road Between: Thurston Avenue & Ward Avenue Initial Reports, Fire in a Commercial Building 0956: Engs: 4, 9, 1 Lads: 1 & T. Lad. 8 Squad 10 Batt. 3 0957: Batt. 2 assigned, Batt. 3 to remain in service 0959: Ladder 9 assigned, tower Ladder 8 to remain in...