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  1. N Zoom Invite For "MEMBERS ONLY"

    Thank you Paul. I have your information needed and we will see you starting tonight (Tuesday 7/50) at 19:30 hours shortly
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    Nostalgia . . . Just For Willy . . .

    THANK YOU RAY, I never expected to see that rig again That top photo was a 1961 open cab Seagrave Ladder truck. The American LaFrance enclosed cab was a 1982 if I remember correctly Now for another one of those Younger Willy D Days stories. My best buddy who came on the job shortly after I got...
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    My younger Buff years

    That's it Johnny D :)
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    My younger Buff years

    Yes John you are correct. It was E 248. I might also point out that "69METS" also rode with Eng 234, as I mentioned in reply # 1834 regarding Retired FDNY member Tom F., aka "mufti" Tom, aka "Mufti", told me at one point "69METS" also rode there when he was just a young kid. Probably before...
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    My younger Buff years

    Although he hasn't been around on this site for awhile, member "Bxboro", aka Scott L., is doing well. He does now work a full time job after his retirement from the fire department in Groton, Ct. Interesting that when he retired, his younger brother Mike, got hired to replace him. Mike spent...
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    Oh Those Busy Fourth of Julys

    As America is about to celebrate it's 246th Birthday, the interstates are filled with travelers, airlines flights are up to record pre-pandemic levels, trains and ferry boats are all filled with people on their way to visit family and friends. Cities across the country will be having...
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    FDNY Fire Activity - 2022

    June, 2022 Fire Activity: Staten Island: 6/10 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1177 Queens: 6/17 - 5th Alarm - Box 6068 6/20 - 2nd Alarm - Box 7842 6/26 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1996 Manhattan: 6/7 - 2nd Alarm - Box 1478 6/18 - 2nd Alarm - Box 0869 Brooklyn: 6/4 - 2nd Alarm - Box 0838 6/4 - 2nd Alarm - Box 3910...
  8. N Zoom Invite For "MEMBERS ONLY"

    YES it is “Jlab”, if we don’t have your name, email, and phone number on our files to be notified, please send me it in a private message to me at NFD2004 Word is that it will be Retired FDNY Supervising Dispatcher Gary Greenbaum Any other member my join us as well
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    News of Members

    Today, June 29th we want to wish our good friend Doug M., aka "AuxWarYearsCapt", a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Many HAPPY and HEALTHY Years ahead as you celebrate your 68th today Uncle Willy
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    I remember that day too, Tom. I agree with you as well, "They Did NOT Die In Vain". Changes came about not only for the FDNY, but for many other cities across the country too.
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    Valley Stream NY (Nassau) Fire 6/25/22

    Thank you very much Ray, aka "raybrag". As you see in the photo on June 14th (Flag Day), Four Generations of Firefighters celebrated a very Highly Respected Retired Firefighter and Captain 100th Birthday, named Ray Brosofske, who was also a World War II Veteran. (Capt Ray is the fourth guy...
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    Valley Stream NY (Nassau) Fire 6/25/22

    Many places today consider a working fire to be much different from a job back 10, 20, or 30 years ago. If car fires or huge rubbish fires were considered "Working Fires" during the FDNY War Years, the numbers would have been staggering, added to the already staggering numbers for building...
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    News of Members

    On behalf of the membership here, I would like to wish the Most Reverend, Elwood E., aka "CFDMarshall", who has been a member of this website since 2010, a very Happy Birthday today, June 23rd, and for many more Happy and Healthy One's ahead. For those of us who know The Most Reverend...
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    Johnny - "This One's For YOU"

    The TV Series Emergency, which changed the fire service as we knew it back then, stared way back in 1972. Now 50 years later in 2022, we take a look back at some of the individuals who played those charters that we all know by name; Of course Johnny Gage, Roy Desoto, Captain Stanley, Dr...
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    News of Members

    I'd like to mention that the Gettin' Salty Podcast titled: "Best of Old School Tip of the Day - Ep 3", on June 20, 2022 featured Two of Our Members of this site that I recognize. Of course there might be others too, but I'm not sure and I certainly apologize to them if I didn't include them as...
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    2 Texas LODD

    Another Very Sad Story of the Fire Service loosing Two More of it's Members. May They Rest In Peace.
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    Thank you Chief this on to us. I'm going to pass this around too. I'll be sending out order shortly. My Favorite: "Some of us grew up playing with firetrucks - the lucky one's still do". Myself and a couple of my buddies used to tell friends and family members that all the time.
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    Shift change question

    I can remember my father working a 72 hour week in Bridgeport, Ct in the 1950s and there was NO OVERTIME Pay If he was off duty and a major job came in, he was called in at NO PAY. Just part of his duties within the job. That usually happened about 3 or 4 times a year. He also had to live...
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    Meriden, Ct 2nd Alarm House Fire 6/18/22

    Thank you very much Keith, "EMSR1" and Brad "Signal73". When it comes to The Nutmeg State, aka Connecticut, you two guys got us covered. In fact, sometimes I get more news here of the jobs thanks to you, than I do on the TV or in the newspaper. And for those who don't know, Meriden, Ct is...
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    Philadelphia PA 2nd Alarm With Collapse,Trapped Firefighters and LODD 6/18/22

    My sincere condolences to the Brothers and Sisters of the Philadelphia Fire Department, and to the friends and family members of those lost Very tragic event and we certainly hope for the safe recovery of the others lost. As we pray: When I am called to duty God, whenever flames may rage...