New member
Nov 24, 2008
May I say a Happy New Year to all the members on this site, everyone, thankyou for the answers to my questions, reading my posts, and their own informed contributions.

I hope the thanksgiving and the christmas period found you all well and that of your families and loved ones, and I look forwards to another year of following the FDNY in the best and most diverse and unpredictable city on the earth, a passion I have had for almost ten years now, god bless you all.

In 2014 we saw tragedy in Boston, accessed, by my own view quite wrongly, by the world via the internet, god bless the families and friends and comrades of LT Edward J Walsh and FF Michael R Kennedy of BOSTON FIRE DEPT ENGINE 33 and ladder 15.

I hope we can treck theough 2015 as a group LODD free, some may say an optimistic wish but one I have all the same.

Respect to you all and to those that run the site and provide us with the feeds.

I wonder who will be in the top ten for last year... From my own workings I know who are in the top 5!! Engines wise anyways.

Again many thanks to you all for the last year and all the best for 2015.