2019 year in review for Nycfire


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Jun 22, 2007
I would like to pass on some statics to the members of this web site.

1) Our Most Valuable Player, "mikeindabronx", aka Mike D continues to be our leading contributor to this site finishing off the year 2019 with over 24,000 post. Averaging at least six post per day

2) One of the fastest growing threads on this site was started just last March (2019) and has already reached 159,100 views. That very popular thread is titled: "Glory Days" by Mr Johnny Gage, aka Dan P. There Mr Gage talks about his younger days as an EMT with the NYC Health and Hospitals, now the FDNY/EMS, as well as his firefighter days with the Washington, D.C. Fire Dept and later the FDNY.

3) Of course the FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies both the original, now with OVER 1,130,000 views, and the Second Section (started New Years Eve 2017), by "mack", aka Joe M, has already reached over 199,000 views.
Another major contributor to that thread as well has been "fdhistorian", aka Iggy K, with his knowledge of FDNY history. 
LASTEST WORD I hear is that "mack" plans to return soon with some updates regarding the history of FDNY firehouses

4) But sadly, we also see the numbers rising in the threads of "Another War Year Vet Passes" as well as "Another 9-11 Member Passes" provided to us by retired FDNY B/C Jack K., aka "69jk09".
I have always felt that the FDNY War Years Firefighters were considered to be "The GREATEST GENERATION of Firefighters". I feel that because I watched this generation of firefighters work. It wasn't just once in awhile. It was every day and night for over a decade. There was no breaks in between no matter where any guy worked. They ALL caught it.
When I read of "Another 9-11 Member Passes", it is a reminder of how bad that day really was. The FDNY lost 343 members that day, but as we see now, the number of names continue to climb from that dust related cancer. There are other members who suffer every day due to breathing problems caused by that dust. It has also claimed the lives of members of the NYPD, EMS and Civilians as well.
Whatever it takes, we can NOT let something like this ever happen again. 

In closing I would like to say that because of this web site I have been able to become good personnel friends with guys from not only throughout the FDNY but across the entire country as well.

And if it wasn't for Retired Captain John Bendick as well as his son Lt Tommy Bendick, it probably wouldn't have happened.

A HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR to you ALL and thanks for all your contributions to this web site.

Willy D, aka NFD 2004. 


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May 6, 2010
2019 FIRST DUE ALL HANDS OR HIGHER...... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JToZOGYg6UUAqQ_y6QxlMhZx3Syd6L78kApQyMv0zt8/htmlview#gid=0