2021 Year in Review Eastern, Ct Fire Video - Part 1


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Jun 22, 2007
This video was recently released by a good friend of mine. His name is Ryan Flaherty.
He is a firefighter in Norwich, Ct and also works a few days a month as a regional dispatcher in a place called Station Q.V. (Quinebaug Valley Emergency Communications)

Ryan is a buff and like so many of us, "Loves the Job".

With the help of some buff friends, firefighters, officers, both career and volunteer, Ryan has been able to put this video together

The video includes mostly rural firefighting from many of the smaller towns in Eastern, Ct..
But there are a few from the small city's of New London, Groton, Willimantic, and Norwich too.

The video was released on December 1, '21 and includes radio traffic as well.

I must also add;
When an old retired firefighter needed to get the packed, frozen leaves out of his gutters and thought he shouldn't be climbing that ladder anymore, "It was Brother Flaherty that Got The Job Done".
He sure did a good job too.

Anyway, this is Ryan's First Video Released.

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Jan 20, 2014
I have personally met Ryan. He also had a cup of coffee with the New Haven Fire Department