6/21/21 Bronx Water Rescue Box 4565


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Apr 13, 2012
End of City Island Avenue in the Long Island Sound for a jet skier in the water

BX to E70: Responding to Box 4565?

E070: 10-4

BX to Marine 4: Individual is reported to still be under the water, hasn't resurfaced for 5 minutes

BX to BC20: TL53 is the Water Rescue Unit, you're getting the Water Rescue matrix. Reported jet skier in the water and has not resurfaced.

Marine 4 with a 3-minute ETA, west-bound current

RB on the BX frequency responding to Box 4565

E070 to the BX: Confirmed person in the water

BX to BC20: NYPD has a helicopter enroute as well

E070 to BX: The individual is about 100 feet from the shore waving his hands, he is not underwater right now.

Marine 4 is 10-84

BC20: 10-18, using E070/TL53. Everyone else can go 10-8. One individual removed from the water, on shore. EMS is tending to them.

RB, SB, Marine BC, TSU1, RS03, SQ61, Marine 6, CTU1 are all 10-8

BC20: Box 4565, we did remove 1 person. All units are up. Marine 4 is working with TL53 to secure the jetski. 10-46 code 2.

*Both TSU1 and TSU2 with runs tonight...this water rescue and the collapse box in BK*

T053 WRU
BC. 20
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May 16, 2008
Just a thought- how many of the our 5-boro Jet Ski enthusiasts are competent swimmers?