7/24/08 Manhattan Boxes 1019, 1162, and 1289 - Unusual gas odor


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Nov 27, 2007
Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY, 7/24/08

Location: 1st to 2nd Aves between approx. 60 to 105 sts.

Phone Box 1019 - Report of odor of gas in the street around E86 st and 1st Ave
Engs. 22, 53
TL13, L43
Battalion 10

Phone Box 1289 - Report of odor of gas in the street around E96 st and 1st Ave
Engs. 76, 35
Battalion 11

Phone Box 1162 - Report of odor of gas in the street around E105 st and 1st Ave
E91, TL22, Battalion 12

10:55 hours
E22 requests a 10-7.  None available due to multiple calls reporting odor of gas along 1st avenue from approximately 60 st up to 105th st, ConEd en route.  All 3 boxes believed to be the same incident.

10:56 hours
E53 has odors of gas around 96 st and 2nd Ave around the subway work

10:58 hours
10-18 for a 10-33 code 2 (non-smoke odor) box 1019 by the orders of Battalion 10.

10:59 hours
Battalion 12 has no odor at 105 and 1st, requests a 10-7.  Received multiple odors around 2nd Ave, ConEd is en route to the 2nd Ave subway

11:01 hours
BC11 is responding over to 96 St and 2nd Ave, a PD officer reports they had an odor from the subway excavation.  ConEd has supervisor en route to E96 St

11:02 hours
BC12 is heading south towards the 90s with E35/TL14 along 2nd Ave to investigate.  Advise E76 we are no longer at the box location.

11:07 hours
BC11: right now we're holding all units at the scene at E96 and 2nd Ave, we are conferring with ConEd to determine the cause.

11:11 hours
BC11: We're with ConEd, they've checked the main line, it is exposed but not compromised.  They are checking several manholes.  We are not getting any odor, but continuing to hold all units on scene.

11:11 hours
BC12: We're going to make Box 1289 a 10-33 code 2, Battalion 11 will operate.

11:15 hours
BC11: Box 1162 we're going to make this a 10-18 for a 10-33 code 2, ConEd opened all the manholes around and had nothing.  ConEd is going to head down and open all the manholes down to 91st, they'll call back if they have anything.