7/29/08 Manhattan Box 1701 - 10-76 in a Hospital


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Nov 27, 2007
Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, NY, 7/29/08

Address: Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital -  Eye Institute - 635 W165 St @ Fort Washington Ave

Phone Box 1701 - Report of smoke in a hospital
Engs. 67, 84, 93
L34, TL45
Battalion 13

13:30 hours
Second source reporting fire in the elevator machine room

10-77-1701 - 13:36 hours (Residential High-Rise Assignment)
E91 (High-Rise Nozzle Co)
E69 (CFRD Unit)
L28, TL23
L49 is the FAST truck
Battalions 19, 16
Battalion 26 (Safety Officer)
Safety, Rescue Battalions
Rescue 3
Squad 41
Division 7

10-76-1701 - 13:37 hours (Commercial High-Rise Assignment)
Battalion 13: We have a heavy smoke condition from the 7th floor to the 10th floor, possible fire in the elevator machine room on the 10th floor.  Currently attempting to evacuate hospital patients.  We will go with the 10-76 at this time.
E312 (Lobby Control Unit)
E39 w/ High Rise 2
Tactical Support 1
Mask Service Unit

13:38 hours
E91 delayed due to BISP

13:41 hours
BC13: Fire in the machine room has been knocked down, searches in progress, we have a heavy smoke condition from the 7th floors and up, patients being evacuated with the aid of hospital staff.

13:45 hours - Duration 19 minutes
BC13: Fire is on the 9th floor elevator machine room of a fireproof clinic 9 story, 100x100 irregular.

Fire Building Height/Size-up
9 story 100x100 fireproof irregular-shaped hospital
Exposures are:
1 - street
2 - courtyard
3 - similar
4 - street

13:46 hours
BC13: The A stairwell is the attack stairwell, and the precautionary line is being stretched.

13:48 hours
Command Tactical Unit is responding

13:53 hours
Battalion 45 is relocating to Battalion 16
TL22 is 10-8 in TL23's response area

13:56 hours
DC7: Bring 2 more battalion chiefs and 3 trucks to this box.  The corrected address is 635 W165 St.  Fire is out, but smoke is still descending through the floors.
L59, L36, L30, Battalions 10 and 12 S/C

13:57 hours
E22 is 10-8 in E69's response area

14:01 hours
Division 7: All visible fire has been knocked down, searches still in progress, we're searching multiple floors.

14:03 hours
Battalion 49 is relocating to Battalion 12
TL14 is 10-8 in TL45's response area

14:05 hours
Command Tactical Unit is 10-84
L16 is relocating to L36

14:08 hours
L43 is 10-8 in L34's response area

14:11 hours Duration 45 minutes
DC7: Primary searches on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors are complete and negative

14:17 hours
FieldCom requesting CIDs for the corrected address

14:20 hours
Battalion 6 is 10-8 in Battalion 10's response area
L116 is relocating to L30

14:24 hours - Duration 59 minutes
FieldCom: Progress Report #4 for 10-76 box 1701: Car 9 (Queens Borough Commander), Deputy Assistant Chief Scudnik reports: Primary searches on floors 1-9 are negative, secondaries still in progress, Probably Will Hold.

14:28 hours
TL117 is relocating to TL14

14:38 hours - Duration 1 hour 12 minutes
FC: Progress Report #5 for 10-76 box 1701: Car 9, Deputy Assistant Chief Scudnik reports: Secondary searches throughout are negative, the fire is being placed Under Control, and the building is being re-occupied by civilians.