8/10/08 Manhattan Box 1759 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
Washington Heights, Manhattan, NY, 8/10/08

Address: 552 W184 st between St Nicholas and Audubon Ave

21:02 hours
Phone Box 1759 - Report of odor of smoke on the 1st floor
Engs. 67, 95
TL45, L36
Battalion 13

21:02 hours
Second source reporting fire in the basement, E93 available and assigned

21:04 hours
Now receiving numerous calls for 552 and 554 W184, fire from the basement
E84, Rescue 3, Squad 41 assigned

21:05 hours
Caller in apartment 2 reports fire in the basement, may have difficulty getting in due to a parade in the area.

10-75-1759 - 21:05 hours
Battalion 13: 10-75, fire in the basement of a 6 story MD
L34 is the FAST truck
Battalion 16
Division 7

21:06 hours
Apartment 5 reporting smoke.

7-5-1759 - 21:06 hours
BC13: 6 story brick 100x100 , using All-Hands.

Exposures are:
1 - street
2 - similar attached
3 - unknown
4 - similar attached

21:07 hours
BC13: We're going to use the address 552 W184 st

21:08 hours
BC13: Advise L34 and L36 to come in off of Audubon

21:09 hours - Duration 8 minutes
BC13: 1 line stretched in operation, searches underway, trucks are opening up, we're going to put the fire at Doubtful

21:11 hours
L34 is delayed due to heavy traffic

21:11 hours
Division 7: Assign an additional truck as a temporary fast truck
TL44 (additional FAST truck) S/C

21:12 hours
BC13: Have L34 set up on the corner of Audubon and W184
Apartment 22 on the 2nd floor reporting smoke.

21:15 hours
DC7: Box 1759, Primary search in the basement is negative, still Doubtful.
L37 is relocating to L36

21:20 hours - Duration 19 minutes
DC7: Primary searches on the fire floor and floor above are now negative, main body of fire has been knocked down.

21:25 hours
E59 is 10-8 in E95's response area

21:27 hours - Duration 26 minutes
DC7: At this time we're going with Probably Will Hold.  Secondary searches are continuing, and we're releasing Rescue and Squad.

21:31 hours
TL44 is 10-8.

21:32 hours
L4 is 10-8 in L34's response area

21:33 hours
TL13 is 10-8 in TL45's response area

21:34 hours
Rescue 3 is 10-8 switching back to da Bronx

21:35 hours
DC7: Box 1759, the secondaries are now complete in the basement, which was the fire floor, and floor above.

21:36 hours
TL44 was involved in a minor accident at 144 and Audubon.

21:39 hours - Duration 38 minutes
DC7: box 1759, all primary and secondary searches are now complete and negative, fire is Under Control.  Division 7 is 10-8, Battalion 13 will be the incident commander.

21:49 hours
BC13: Box 1759, transmit a 10-41 code 1 (Suspicious fire in an occupied structure)