8/5/08 Manhattan Box 1463 - All Hands


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Nov 27, 2007
East Harlem, Manhattan, NY, 8/5/08

Address: 20 Paladino Ave between E122 and E123 Sts

08:38 hours
Phone Box 1463 - Report of smoke in apartment 2A
Engs. 35, 91, 53
TL14, L43
Battalion 12

08:39 hours
Second source reporting smoke from Apartment 2A, additional call from building super reports fire in apartment 2A

08:44 hours
Battalion 12: Right now using 2 and 2 the rest FAST investigating a smoke condition.

Building Height/Size-up:
16 story 80x160 MD

10-75-1463 - 08:46 hours
BC12: Transmit a 10-75 for box 1463, fire is in the rear of a 2nd floor bedroom.
L30 is the FAST truck
Battalion 14
Squad 41
Rescue 3
Division 3

08:47 hours
BC12: We have 1 line stretched in operation and searches are being conducted.  Right now using 2 engines and 2 trucks.

7-5-1463 - 08:50 hours
BC12: We're going to use All-Hands, you can release all special units, primary searches are negative.

08:52 hours
BC12: Fire has been knocked down, secondaries are being conducted, notify EMS to respond for two minor burns.
Rescue 3, Squad 41 are 10-8 back da Bronx

08:54 hours
BC12: Main body of fire has been knocked down, Probably Will Hold.  We'll go with a 10-45 code 3 (Yellow Tag, Delayed) until EMS arrives

08:56 hours - Duration 20 minutes
BC12: Secondary searches are negative, fire is Under con

09:01 hours
BC12: The two 10-45s are code 3s as determined by EMS.