A few questions.


hfd 130

1. Listening to FDNY on the scanner I sometimes hear the dispatcher tell a battalion chief that they have a 3 and 1 response. Which is almost always followed by the bat. chief saying start me a second truck. Why does the dispatcher not go ahead and send the other truck? Sounds like a waste of time to make them ask for it.

2. In some of the pictures it shows members putting the hose back on the apparatus, is it tradition for everyone there to help or why does so many people help?

Thanks to all in advance and stay safe


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Apr 16, 2007
Must be because the response chart for this box is 3 and 1 first, and the Batt must special call a 2nd truck if necessary


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Dec 20, 2006
The reason for the response of 3 and 1 is because the 2nd due or first due truck is not in service.  So by FDNY rules they could go down to 1 truck.  However the BC can then request the 2nd truck who would be dispatched in any order, chould be the 4th due on the 2nd but because all the trucks between him and the 1st are not in service he would go.

An Example of this would be one of the 10-77's on Central Park West.
Due to a 2nd Alarm at Mt. Sini Hospital the ticket went out to
Engine 65 - a Queens Engine and Ladder 16.  The dispatcher has to give two and one unless in fallback step 3, then 1 and 1.