As the New Year (2019) approaches


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Jun 22, 2007
As the year 2018 will end and the New Year of 2019 begins, some of the things to watch will be:

1) What will be the Busiest FDNY Engine, the Busiest FDNY Ladder Co for the year 2018 in "runs" and "workers".

2) How many post will "Our Most Valuable Player", Mike D., aka "mikeindabronx", end up with for the year 2018, and how many will he reach in 2019. Currently at about 22,500 post.
  2a) If there is a serious incident or fire anywhere in the country or the world, Mike always takes the time to post it for us. And let's not forget about his GREAT web site of 

3) When it comes to the highest number of views and the Most Popular Thread on this site, that credit goes directly to "mack", aka Joe M. We appreciate the HUGE amount of work and effort put into the "FDNY and NYC Firehouses - 2nd section". Currently at around 72,000 views, no doubt soon to reach 100,000 views in the upcoming year.
  3a) In addition, the "original" FDNY and NYC Firehouse thread is quickly approaching the One Million Views in itself, currently at around 997,000 views.


THANK YOU Joe for the amount of work you have put into those two threads for us. A collection of history of the FDNY firehouses and the members who worked there.

4) When we follow the jobs, fires, emergencies, etc done by the FDNY and posted on this site on a daily basis, I think we would all agree that member Brad Y., aka "signal73", takes the lead when it comes to that category. In fact, I have to wonder when the guy sleeps. Thanks Goes to Brad Y., a young guy who manages to hold down a fulltime job and maintain a young family as well.

We have members from all over the world here, not just the NYC area. They come from all walks of life. Together their contributions to this site are GREATLY APPRECIATED by ALL of us. So for that "WE Thank You".

SADLY - there are other numbers that are increasing as well.

Numbers that site member and Retired FDNY B/C Jack K., aka "68jk09", continues to keep us informed of. That being:

1) "Another War Years Vet Passes" - Without a doubt, these dedicated firefighters worked during a time of the HEAVIEST FIRE ACTIVITY in the ENTIRE WORLD. The number of injuries they suffered, as well as the LODDs they witnessed was way beyond what any firefighter would ever expect to see. In the FDNY they saw the closing of about 50 companies during the height of this staggering number of fires. Yet the civilian lives they saved and how they did it was nothing short of a Miracle. They really were, what I, and some others consider to be, "THE GREATEST GENERATION OF FIREFIGHTERS".

2) "Another 9-11 Member Passes" - When the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001, the FDNY paid a terrible life loss of 343 Members. As well as members of the NYPD, Port Authority PD, and FDNY/EMS. Our entire country came together to honor and pray together. But today much of that has been forgotten about. Yet so many of those responders still suffer from the effects of that World Trade Center Dust when those Two 110 story Towers collapsed to the ground. Today, some 17 years later many members have passed on as a result of cancer from that dust.

We HONOR their lives and THANK Chief JK, aka "68jk09", for helping us to keep their Honor and Memory possible.

Thank you Chief "68jk09" and THANK YOU to those "FDNY War Years Vets" and to those "FDNY 9-11 Members" and their FAMILIES.


memory master

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Aug 29, 2008
Willy, very informative and very well written. Thank you! However, you forgot yourself for all of your informative, entertaining and uplifting posts. God Bless.


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Dec 7, 2007
Very well said, Bill.  And I agree with memory master that you neglected to include yourself among those honored.


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Aug 25, 2009
Bill, you are definitely a stalwart of this site. I would also like to thank all the other members who contribute to the site.