Behind The Uniform: A Look Inside the Cincinnati Fire Department


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May 11, 2022
Much of that video I was saying "I know where that is! I know where that is! I know where that is!" The first fire that was shown near the beginning of the video was Downtown and the ride along was with Ladder 17, located on the near west side, they are typically the 3rd due ladder company on fires downtown. 17s house is also the District 2 headquarters. The second fire later in the video was also Downtown and was a ride along with Engine 3 located Downtown. 3s are the District 1 headquarters.

The part about the LODD of Daryl Gordon, I remember that. I went Downtown to watch the funeral procession go by, it was quite impressive. He was with Heavy Rescue 14 when they responded to an apartment building fire on the city's east side. His company, which is quartered Downtown were dispatched on the 2nd alarm for that. He fell down an elevator shaft presumably not knowing it was an elevator. I believe the fire went to three alarms even before the mayday and a 4th alarm went out after that.