Bologna Fridays with the Moron Brothers


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Jun 22, 2007
As members of this site, I am sure that you are all familiar with "Johnny Gages - Throwback Thursday's". Every Thursday Mr Gage contributes to this site photos and questions of the week pertaining to our Happy Days of the past. So many of us following along the simple joys that we all still remember.

Well friends, now we have something to look forward to every FRIDAY night during these stay at home times.

Lardo and Burly Moron, of the famous Kentucky "Moron Brothers" are now presenting their own weekly social media show for us to watch.

Lardo, a Retired Lexington, Kentucky Firefighter, and his brother Burly enjoy giving us a few Blue Grass music hits, as well as their own views on many topics, and often telling us a few funny stories.

So tonight, Friday night (April 17) join them for their second "Bologna Friday" night show starting at 8 pm. Just go to Youtube and type in Moron Brothers. Then sit back with your favorite pint of "hooch", .... sorry - I mean tea, and enjoy the show.

Here is a bit about it.
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