EMS Car Assignments 5/14/18


Mar 11, 2021
Car-5 (Chief of EMS James Booth)
Car-5A (Assistant Chief of EMS Operations Michael Fitton)
Car-5B (Deputy Assistant Chief of EMS Operations Alvin Suriel)
Car-5C (Division Chief EMS Operations Robert Hannafey)
Car-5D (Division Chief EMS Operations Stacy Scanlon)
Car-5E (Deputy Chief EMS Operations Grace Cacciola)
Car-5F (Deputy Assistant Chief EMS Communications Anthony Napoli)
Car-5G (Division Chief EMS Communications Marylou Aurrichio)
Car-5H (Deputy Chief EMS Communications Edward Bobb)
Car-5I (EMS Division Chief Bureau of Heath Services Jay Withers)
Car-5J (Deputy EMS Haz-Tac Paul Miano)
Car-5K (Division Chief CTDP Ian Swords)
Car-5L (Division Chief CTDP Jonathon Pistilli)
Car-5M (EMS Response Physician Glenn Aseda)
Car-5N (Deputy Chief EMS Operations)
Car-5O (EMS Deputy Chief Office of Medical Affairs Richard Chatterton)
Car-5S (Deputy Chief EMS Operations)
Car-15P (Deputy Assistant Chief EMS Academy Lillian Bonsignore)
Car-15Q (EMS Division Chief EMS Academy Sophia Kwok)
Car-15U (EMS Deputy Chief EMS Academy James Darnowski)
Car-15T (EMS Deputy Chief EMS Academy Cesar Escobar)
Car-30 (Chief Medical Officer DR. Kerry Kelly MD)
Car-31 (Deputy Assistant Chief Medical Officer DR. Shenecia Beecher)
Car-31A (Bureau Of Health Services Executive Officer Capt. Ian Bennett)
Car-32 (Medical Officer Bronx & Manhattan)
Car-33( Medical Officer Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island)
Car-35 (Director of Counseling Service Unit DR. Tremaine Sayles)
Car-51 (EMS Division Chief Division 1 (Manhattan Commander) Nancy Gilligan)
Car-511 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 1 Dinorah Claudio)
Car-512 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 1 Stephen Russo)
Car-513 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 1 Kathleen Knuth)
Car-514 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 1 Luis Basso)
Car-515 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 1)
Car-52 (EMS Division Chief Division 2 (Bronx Commander) Michael Fields)
Car-521 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 2 Joseph Pataky)
Car-522 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 2 Marie Villani)
Car-523 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 2 Joseph Lomino)
Car-524 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 2 Andre Valdez)
Car-525 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 2 Charles Morgan)
Car-53 (EMS Division Chief Division 3 Brooklyn Commander) Steven Morelli)
Car-531 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 3 Denise Werner)
Car-532 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 3 Andrea Nanna-Montgomery)
Car-533 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 3 Oleg Patrikeyev)
Car-534 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 3 James Foley)
Car-535 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 3 Mark Bonilla)
Car-54 (EMS Division Chief Division 4 (Queens Commander) Christine Mazzola)
Car-541 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 4 Tonya Boyd)
Car-542 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 4 Joseph Sanders)
Car-543 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 4 Kevin Cassidy)
Car-544 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 4 Gerard Santiago)
Car-545 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 4 Christopher Bilz)
Car-55 (EMS Division Chief Division 5 (Staten Island Commander) Roberto Colon)
Car-551 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 5 Martin Braun)
Car-552 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 5 Alberto Meade)
Car-553 EMS Deputy Chief Division 5 John Nevins)
Car-554 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 5)
Car-555 (EMS Deputy Chief Division 5)
As of 2021;
EMS Deputy Assistant Chiefs;
  • EMS Deputy Assistant Chief - Frederick V. Villani
  • EMS Deputy Assistant Chief - Christopher J. Bilz
  • EMS Deputy Assistant Chief - Denise M. Werner
  • EMS Deputy Assistant Chief - Cesar A. Escobar (Car 15P)
  • EMS Deputy Assistant Chief - Roberto Colon
  • EMS Deputy Assistant Chief - Paul Miano

EMS Division Chiefs;
  • EMS Division Chief - Christine M. Mazzola
  • EMS Division Chief - James T. Darnowski
  • EMS Division Chief - Robert A. Hannafey
  • EMS Division Chief - Joseph W. Sanders
  • EMS Division Chief - Stephen A. Russo
  • EMS Division Chief - Kathleen E. Knuth
  • EMS Division Chief - Joseph P. Lomino
  • EMS Division Chief - Joseph J. Pataky
  • EMS Division Chief - Martin J. Braun
  • EMS Division Chief - Luís E. Basso

EMS Deputy Chiefs;
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Farooq H. Muhammad
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Richard J. Bracken
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Evan S. Suchecki,
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Norman A. Ortiz
  • EMS Deputy Chief - James T. Foley,
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Natalia Polunin
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Tonya M. Boyd
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Nicholas Aiello
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Kevin Cassidy
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Brian Murphy
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Patrick Flynn
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Donna Tiberi
  • EMS Deputy Chief - Paul Hopper


New member
Jul 27, 2021
EMS 10-60 assignment: two BLS, one ALS, one Haz-Tac PM Rescue, two Conditions Officers, Hospital Tracking Officer, Haz-Tac Officer, Deputy Chief, Division Chief, OMA Physician, Mobile Emergency Response Vehicle, Mobile Respiratory Treatment Unit, and Logistics Support Unit.
What is the EMS response to a second alarm ? thank you