Find Raiser for NYPD 10 Pct


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Jun 22, 2007
Members of this site, over the last couple of weeks I have been in discussion with Frank M., "manhattan", about a fund raiser that he is setting up for the members of NYPDs 10th Pct.

As many of us know, Frank has been involved in the annual Father Judge Memorial Walk, and also has organized the annual Veterans Day ceremony in lower Manhattan. Both events published on this web site.

During these events to honor Our U.S. Veterans and also to Remember those victims of September 11th by walking the path of the late FDNY Chaplain Father Michael Judge, he has ALWAYS gotten the full support and cooperation of the NYPDs 10th Pct for many years.

Now Frank says that he would like to GIVE BACK by having a fund raiser to give all 180 employees (civilians included) of that NYPD 10 Pct a Free Meal at one of the areas local restaurants that these members frequently visit. His goal is to raise $3,000 which includes a 20 % gratuity for the fellows who have been out of work there.

When Frank first contacted me about this fundraiser he wanted to know if it would be okay to post this on the site. Of course I was in favor of it, but before he got the okay, I also wanted to contact our site owner, Lt Tommy Bendick, his father Retired Capt John Bendick, as well as our moderator Joe Materia, "mack", to make sure there was no problem with posting such a fundraiser. There didn't seem to be any objection, so I now pass this information onto you.

Frank has also mentioned that he would like to have a similar fund raiser for the local FDNY members of FDNYs Engine 3/Ladder 12/Battalion 7, as well as FDNY/EMS Station 7, who also have been there during those events.

Very shortly, I plan to give additional information regarding this on where, or how, you can make a donation for this cause.