Firehouse..E08 L02 BAT08 question


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Nov 24, 2008
A friend of mine is a modeller, who specialises in dioramas, he has modelled many UK fire dioramas to an amazing level of accuracy.. He is a little eccentric and very wealthy but uses his free time and money and amazing model building skill to produce one of a kind builds.

He wants to build an open top build of Engine 8 Ladder 2s firehouse, now i asked why, as there are far more attractive and decorative and historic houses in NYCs 5 boroughs than this one, his reply was he looked at many pictures and knew I had been to NYC many times, and although I have never been to this house it was the one that jumped out at him as an artist.. So he  wants to build an open diorama, I am doing  the trucks for him as I do them myself, but as for the firehouse. I have no knowledge at all of its interior or layout, or even history, I know it was refurbed at some point with the apparatus floor shortened etc, but beyond this I cant help him.

Is there anyone out there who can provide an idea of whether they use just one floor of the office block they are built under or two floors, using online photos he can model the apparatus floor and at a stretch the batt rig bay... But i cant help him with the internal architectural layout.

Any help would be appreciated to get me off the hook!!




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Jul 14, 2007
Was inside many times back in the 70s.  I believe they have two floors.  The apparatus floor obviously takes up much of the first floor with other room for equipment, turnout gear, and the kitchen in the rear of the first floor.  While I was never upstairs, I imagine the second floor is offices and bunkrooms as in most other firehouses.


Apr 25, 2008
My father was there as a FF in 2 Truck from its contruction until he was promoted in 1969.  I will verify the layout as it was then with him.  I recall that the engine and truck had their offices on the apparatus floor, as well as the kitchen in the back and a storage room for the bunker gear.  The bunkrooms were on the second floor, as well as offices/bunkrooms for the 8th Battalion and for the Assistant Chief for Manhattan and the Bronx.  He was quartered there at that time.  The one single door where the 8th Battalion is now quartered was originally where the AC had his car quartered.  I am sure that the configuration on the second floor has long since changed.