Friendship and Brotherhood among us


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Jun 22, 2007
Today, September 30, 2018, in the "FDNY Frequently Asked Questions", members "manhattan" and "memory master" talk about the knowledge and friendship that is shared among this sites members. I agree and there is No Doubt about that.

Five or Six years ago I was visiting friends in Florida. Somehow "69mets", who lives there invited me to a Fire Dept gathering. It would be the first time I meet "69mets", aka Garrett L., retired FDNY. He introduces me to a couple of other guys. As I'm talking somebody yells to me "Willy D". It is member "JOR176", aka Jack O, also a member of this site. I never met these guys before but we all hit it off like we are long lost buddies. Like we've known each other from our childhood days.

Last year or so, a few of us are in the Boston area visiting the Boston Sparks association. We start to talk and the guys from this site are well known characters up there as well. They treat us GREAT and they tell us how much they enjoy reading our comments and stories. As we refer to him as "The Reverend", aka "CFDMarshall", aka Elwood E., all the way from Tennessee, those guys in Boston knew all about him. Just from this site.

Mr Irish, aka Declan B., comes all the way from Ireland to visit his friends here about once a year.

There are guys here that have become the best of friends because of this site. In my own case that is absolutely true. And some guys that I have never actually met but we all try to keep in touch at some point. It's like we've known each other for years.

There are Active and Retired Firefighters, Buffs, Dispatchers, EMTS and Medics, Police Officers, Military Members, each and every one having "OUTSTANDING Character Qualities". They are young and old as well.

I consider it an HONOR to be associated with these members. They are ALL the kind of people who I respect.

Willy D


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Dec 31, 2007
Could not agree with you more Willie! Greetings to all from the boys in Boston, we try to keep the tradition and brotherhood going.