Hollywood Reality


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Jun 27, 2017
Ever laugh while watching a movie? The hero races through a burning building. Suspiciously, the flames seem to come from a gas stove burner. If there's any smoke, it's lazy white like you see at a rock concert. No involuntary screaming or flailing.
Once outside, our hero will be unscathed except for some coughing, no sucking air, no snot down to his chin, no puking. Even though there is no smoke, the make-up people have smeared his face with charcoal.
Now comes Dr. Patrick Smith, an industrial safety consultant, with a more subtle source of amusement. His hobby is collecting TV and movie examples of how fire sprinkler systems DON'T work. Look for it on YouTube: Films on Fire-Sprinkler Sense or www.hollywoodfiresprinkler.com.


Jul 25, 2018
To add to your post I can personally relate to Hollywood Fires. Back in the early 80’s they were filming ‘Turk 182’ the
Technical Advisor was Danny Gorman, E204. He needed some ‘extras’ so he had a bunch of guys from the Battalion picked.
We had to pick up three spare rigs from CTS, Engine, rear mount and TL, and bring them to Nostrand and Macon in Bklyn every night. The first night was just positioning the rigs, ladders up etc. we just sat around and watched gas fired windows belch no smoke flame out the windows as they set up a stuntman falling out an upper floor, posing as star Robert Urich.
We ate at there commissary and slept. I think E 235 was set up around he corner in case of real fire. The next night it was the same, except we brought our own ‘drinks’ lol. Robert Urich, nice guy joined us on a stoop as we watched his double fall out the window numerous times. But the third night was best!
The Director wanted an action shot of the rigs responding. We practiced coming in, lights and sirens, to hit our spots marked on the street. After two rehearsals he called for an ‘action’ shot. I drove the TL, third truck due. We had radio cues when to respond, after truck one and two were called I didn’t hear my cue so I just came in. As I turned the corner there were people running around yelling with their hands pointing to everything. It seems after rehearing the scene they brought in cameras, large cameras 🎥 on tripods rite where we had to drive. Well the rear mount didn’t make the turn and collided with the Engine.
Two wrecked compartments later it was ‘Cut’ and go home.
We returned the rigs to CTS, didn’t mention anything to anyone and drove home. Nothing happened, nothing was said!
We did get paid OT rates.
ps. If you do see the movie you can spot John Devaney, LODD L-131. It’s the scene when we had to lower Robert Urich from the roof of a car on a stretcher. We didn’t rehearse that and almost dropped him, JD can be scene grabbing the stretcher at the last moment. God Bless JD. good guy.