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Jan 20, 2014
I just noticed....

(While having this site up during my whole 12 Hour shift in front of a computer.)

We are now at 3,007 members. Just noticed it under "Form Statistics"

As Willy has said thousands of times this site would have never happen if it wasn't for LT Bendick, his Father & "Truck 4" who took the time to start this site.

Thank you to the many members (To many to name) who provide their wealthy knowledge, past experiences, as well as timeless efforts to make this site what it is today.

I myself am thankful for the history lessons, Kitchen stories, as well as stories about past jobs members have caught. I can't leave out the amount of help I have received in unit run downs, or vital information in regards to a job I have posted.

Some of the friendships that have started from this site are one of a kind..I know most of you guys can attest to this.

To the new members..Welcome.. I've already had a few ask me a couple questions...I'd be more than happy to answer the best I can...and if i don't know the answer...well this is a great site to find it!

I am not very good at public hopefully this post gets the point across on how grateful everyone is for this site and the members involved.

Stay Safe
Brad "Signal 73"
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Jun 22, 2007
Brad, I think "you made your point very well".

I can certainly relate and second what you say here. A GREAT Group of Guys, with some Great Stories and history to tell. Also to the so many who contribute to the fire dept rundowns and incidents, not only from the FDNY but from ALL Over the World.

I don't remember how I came across this site but I've been "hooked since".

Let me also Thank Brad for his many contributions and of course doing a very special favor for me so many times, by posting the dozens of pictures I have sent him to post here.

I must say, "I feel that we have a BROTHERHOOD Right Here Among Us within this site".


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Jan 16, 2009
Congrats on hitting the 3000 member milestone. This site is so important to me knowing that l met some of the greatest firefighters and bosses during the East New York War Years that are members in this group.
( E 319 Interchanged w/E 332 from 72 to 80) & l also rode with 332 quite a bit since l got to no all of them...Great guys
Everyone please continue being safe out there.
Thanks. Doug aka. AuxWarYearsCapt
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Feb 27, 2010
The site has opened the family up to areas beyond the borders of NYC to people across the nation and world. I now have life long friends that were developed through this site. This group shares the love of the fire service and those that served know the difference of being on the job versus into the job. We all share our likes, dislikes and experiences and for this I am truly grateful.